White House sends immigration policy demands to Congress

White House sends immigration policy demands to Congress”

The White House also says it wants to boost fees at border crossings, and make it easier to deport gang members and unaccompanied children. Later, it was made a decision to give Congress a period of six months to work things out and make a permanent regulation in this respect that is acceptable to the President as well. The groups and allies are demanding that Congress pass a "Clean Dream Act" that will prevent the deportation of Dreamers working and studying in the US, and reform legalization of those with Temporary Protection Status who came to the USA fleeing natural disasters or civil wars.

Last month he ended the Obama-era "Dreamer" programme which had protected some 690,000 immigrants. Implemented under former President Barack Obama, the initiative has allowed about 800,000 beneficiaries, known as Dreamers, to live and work in the USA on renewable authorizations. Two days after ending DACA, Trump told Dreamers that they have nothing to worry about.

Former President Barack Obama issued a presidential order allowing the "Dreamers" to remain in the U.S. and to work.

Last month, Mr. Trump met with Democratic congressional leaders for dinner and, afterward, it seemed that a deal to legalize Dreamers might be at hand.

While Trump made clear that he still expected funding for his border wall, he said repeatedly that the funding could come later, in separate legislation.

What gives? A month ago, Trump liked making deals with Pelosi and Schumer. "This has made us less secure and it can not stand", Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement.

White House aides told reporters the proposals were necessary to protect public safety and jobs for American-born workers. "But the wall will happen". He is one of the few hard-right conservatives remaining in the White House after the departure of Trump's former chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo, for his part, urged Democrats to exercise "extreme caution" as they hammered out the details of the agreement, and warned that Trump would put in place a "cyber wall". Schumer and Pelosi say efforts toward a deal are off to a bad start.

President Donald Trump has laid out his latest wish list of immigration measures, as part of negotiations with lawmakers to protect DACA recipients, also known as DREAMers.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Monday wouldn't rule out withholding support for end-of-the-year budget bills - and risk a government shutdown - if President Trump and the Republicans don't agree to protections for undocumented immigrants brought to the country as children. It wants that US Congress passes a law regarding their fate.

Numerous details of the demands remained unclear.

"These priorities are essential to mitigate the legal and economic consequences of any grant of status to DACA recipients", White House legislative director Marc Short said.

"In response, they identified unsafe loopholes, outdated laws, and easily exploited vulnerabilities in our immigration system - current policies that are harming our country and our communities", his letter said.

Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., quickly offered praise.

The Trump administration said that it designed the plan from the ground up after seeking input from the Justice, State and Labor Departments and agents on the ground. If followed it will produce an immigration system with integrity and one in which we can take pride.

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