Christopher Columbus Statue Covered On LA's First Indigenous Peoples Day

Christopher Columbus Statue Covered On LA's First Indigenous Peoples Day”

Colleen Green, director of Native American Programs, believes Columbus is celebrated on this day because many were taught false information in school and do not know who Columbus truly was. But in the political, social, and racial climate of America today, we're having a lot of conversations about our nation's history, about our leaders, about where we are headed.

Speaking before the parade, de Blasio said the Columbus Day event was the proud history of Italian-Americans.

Although Native American groups consider Columbus a European colonizer responsible for the genocide of millions of indigenous people, supporters of the holiday have argued he was an important figure in Italian American heritage. He witnessed the harming of thousands of Native Americans.

A national movement to replace the holiday is gaining momentum. Columbus Day was designated a federal holiday back in 1937.

"I think we need to continue to honor the man who helped pave the way to create our great country", he said. But Columbus did pave the way for the "European exploration, exploitation, and colonization of the Americas", according to the Encyclopedia Britannica.

If you had to show up to work on Columbus Day on Monday and are wondering why others didn't, the first distinction is that you're probably not a federal or bank employee, and they are. Sixteen percent disagreed. Fifty-six percent view Columbus either "favorably" or "very favorably"; half as many, or 28 percent, take a negative view of the navigator.

"We gather during a teachable moment to discuss the ongoing impacts of that legacy and to commit ourselves to reversing them", the group said.

Is it time to say arrivederci to Christopher Columbus?

An event at RIT Wednesday will discuss the value of honoring Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day. We should be talking about what our history books are missing.

Recently, local officials proclaimed to the rest of the country that any unwanted statues of Christopher Columbus should be delivered to the Town of Oyster Bay, which would proudly display the static symbols of supposed Italian Heritage.

"AFN is greatly heartened by the outpouring of support from Alaskans in making Indigenous Peoples Day permanent".

Columbus Day in recent years has sparked a discussion on whether the holiday should even be called that anymore.

"Columbus should not be celebrated". Neighboring state South Dakota, where Native American culture still has a strong foothold, made the change 20 years earlier, and activists made the push in Minneapolis.

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