The results of the referendum in Catalonia

The results of the referendum in Cataloniaā€¯

"The question now is how do we exercise this right, and here obviously there are decisions to be taken".

"S&P Global Ratings placed its ratings on the Autonomous Community of Catalonia on CreditWatch with negative implications", the rating agency said in a statement released late on Wednesday.

But Millo blamed the Catalan government for holding an illegal poll.

On October 10, the Catalan parliament is expected to hold a session, during which it might launch the process of Catalonia's secession from Spain.

Mr Mas also emphasised the need to be pragmatic towards the likely backlash from the Spanish government.

She appeared to hint that the regional parliament would push on with Monday's session despite the court ban, rejecting the ruling as a breach of "freedom of expression".

The ballot and its aftermath have divided Catalans. The "Yes" side won with 90 percent with less than half the electorate polled. Riot police stormed several polling stations in an unsuccessful attempt to impede the vote. While the central government has defended the police forces' behavior, the Catalan government has said they used disproportionate violence and that more than 800 people received medical attention.

Josep Lluis Trapero, chief of the Catalan regional police "Mossos D'Esquadra". The remainder believed that the result has no authority.

Along with Commander Trapero, another Catalan police officer and two leading independence activists, Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sanchez, are also being investigated in Madrid.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has refused to rule out suspending Catalonia's regional autonomy unless its leaders withdraw a threatened declaration of independence as tens of thousands rallied for national unity.

The 49-year-old monarch called for a return to the constitutional order, telling Catalans that Spain is a democratic nation and that problems must be solved through law and democracy.

Such a move would be a last resort.

It would also nearly certainly require officers from the Guardia Civil, the national security force, to be deployed again on the streets of Catalonia. On Sunday, another "event" to find the wisdom " is scheduled in Barcelona.

The Barcelona protest - organised by the Societat Civil Catalana, the main anti-independence group in Catalonia - gets underway at noon (10H00 GMT). "Because (Catalonia) is going to lose more than (Spain) because businesses are fleeing from here already", said protestor Juliana Prats, a Barcelona resident.

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