Nick Ferrari Pinpoints Why The EU Backs Spain In The Catalonia Crisis

Nick Ferrari Pinpoints Why The EU Backs Spain In The Catalonia Crisis”

As the clock ticks toward Catalonia's declaration of independence from Spain, Spain's government has rejected calls for mediation over Catalonia's push for independence as the two factions headed towards another showdown.

She said: "The court's decision to suspend Monday's session before it had been formally convened "harms freedom of expression and the right of initiative of members of this parliament and shows once more how the courts are being used to solve political problems".

On the eve of Mr. Pujdeme said in an interview with the BBC that the independence of Catalonia from Spain will be proclaimed unilaterally in the next few days.

"The government will not negotiate over any illegal acts, nor will it be blackmailed", read an official statement released by the central government in Madrid.

Spain's Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, said on Wednesday evening that the President of the regional government of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, lives outside the law. The Catalans seem more and more determined to separate, and Madrid is increasingly reluctant to do so.

Sunday's independence referendum has sparked a major political crisis in Spain.

Mr Puigdemont says not, and Spanish President Mariano Rajoy has kept silent since the scenes of police violence which accompanied Sunday's vote.

In a statement Wednesday to the European parliament, Timmermans said, in the 28-nation bloc, "respect for the rule of law is not optional, it is fundamental".

With Spain's worst constitutional crisis in decades deepening, for the King to comment directly on a political event in or outside the country is nearly unprecedented.

Pro-independence parties who control the regional government staged the referendum in defiance of a Constitutional Court ruling that the vote violated Spain's 1978 constitution, which states the country is indivisible.

Lawyers for the regional parliament had also warned that the session would be illegal because it discusses results of a referendum over the weekend that had been previously suspended by the constitutional court.

Spain's national police and Guardia Civil forces are a target, especially since they brutally repressed Sunday's banned referendum, with protests in front of hotels where they were staying and hate messages on social networks.

Spain has accused Catalonia of trying to achieve independence through blackmail, as tensions continue to mount over the region's plans to secede from the mainland.

With its own language and cultural traditions, demands for independence in Catalonia date back centuries but have surged during recent years of economic crisis. The European Commission said on Monday that it is "an internal matter for Spain." .

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