Top Arab MK calls Hamas leader to applaud reconciliation talks

Top Arab MK calls Hamas leader to applaud reconciliation talks”

Hamdallah, accompanied by a senior governmental delegation, crossed into the Gaza Strip on Monday in a move towards reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas parties, as his unity government would begin assuming control of the region's administrative affairs, as well as "security tasks and responsibility for crossings and borders".

Since then, Hamas has fought devastating wars with neighboring Israel and overseen increasing poverty in the overcrowded territory as a result of an Israeli-Egyptian blockade.

A first sign of discontent surfaced on Tuesday with Hamas criticising Abbas' decision to await the outcome of talks Fateh plans to hold with the group on October 10 before lifting sanctions he has imposed on Gaza. These latest moves in the Gaza strip might just be the first steps.

The Islamist movement Hamas has run Gaza since its violent take-over of the territory in 2007 from the PA, which is based in Ramallah in the West Bank and is dominated by the rival Fatah movement. As an entity on the State Department terror list, its role in the government could prevent any American assistance to the Palestinian entity. On Sept. 17, Hamas announced the dissolution of its shadow government administering Gaza. The squabbling palestinian are considered as one of the obstacles to a settlement of the israeli-palestinian conflict and one of the causes of the despair of the two million Gazans crammed on their land jammed between Israel, Egypt and the Mediterranean.

I am encouraged by the continuing engagement of Egypt with all sides to ensure the implementation of the Cairo understandings.

Israel said any deal would be unacceptable unless Hamas disarmed.


"I say on my behalf and on behalf of the brothers in Fatah and all the Palestinian factions that we are ready to pay any price for the success of Palestinian national reconciliation", he said.

The Gaza Strip is still recovering from that war; almost half its residents are unemployed, and a blockade on Gaza imposed by Egypt and Israel after Hamas took control remains in place. "He wears the Al Qassam (Hamas' military wing) hat, where he has credibility, and the politburo hat, where he [also] has credibility".

Conditions in Gaza have deteriorated greatly in a decade of Hamas rule, and the feeling of hope by desperate residents was palpable Monday.

He explained, "Whoever wants to reconcile, our position is very simple, Recognize the State of Israel, dismantle Hamas' military wing, cut ties with Iran that calls for our destruction, these are very clear things that we have previously and clearly stated".

UN Middle East envoy Nickolay Mladenov said he was "encouraged" by the developments and wanted to see the Palestinian Authority government exercise full control in Gaza. More specifically, Abbas said he would not allow for the recreation of the "Hezbollah experience" in Gaza.

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