Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Hilariously Mock La La Land on SNL

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling Hilariously Mock La La Land on SNL”

Gosling's first time hosting SNL resulted in some fantastic sketches, and while there were a couple sketches that were truly great, the season premiere overall felt rather lackluster.

Will you be tuning in to see Ryan Gosling host the season premiere of SNL? "I was like, 'Me?"

Their impromptu reunion was the best thing since Ryan Gosling saved jazz. "And I saved it", the Blade Runner 2049 actor quipped.

Fortunately Emma Stone was on hand to set her co-star straight.

Well, last night there were three sketches that led to Ryan breaking character, and it was total TV gold.

President Trump (still played by Alec Baldwin, 59, despite talk that Baldwin might abandon the role) has done tremendous work for jazz. It only took some poking and prodding for Gosling to start visibly shaking with laughter, but he really lost it when McKinnon got up close and personal, placing her face into his booty. With Mikey Day, Kenan Thompson, Leslie Jones, Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon, Chris Redd and Heidi Gardner. Unlike all of the others times he broke throughout the episode, this instance was entirely justified. The digital shorts were particularly good-the first for Levi's Wokes jeans and the second about the reckless decision to use the Papyrus font for Avatar. Gosling fared no better this time around. "This isn't that complicated, man", he said. The singer, who has numerous hits such as "Just Give Me a Reason" and "Who Knew", will be releasing her seventh studio album, "Beautiful Trauma", on October 13.

"Well, let me unpack that a little for you Harrison".

"Henrietta, why?" Yes, why?! While I did expect a variation on this sketch, I didn't expect an actual sequel. "Or, as it's correctly pronounced: Nerlins", Gosling said, struggling not to laugh.

In related JAY-Z news, the rapper recently appeared on BBC Radio 1 to discuss a variety of topics.

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