Iraq & Iran to conduct joint military exercise

Iraq & Iran to conduct joint military exercise”

A Kurdish official at the Turkish border crossing described the situation there as "tense".

"A joint military exercise between Iran's armed forces and units from the Iraqi army will be held in the coming days along the shared border", he said.

The Iraqi Kurdistan is one of Iran's major trade partners, with annual transactions running to $4 billion a year.

Jan Kubis, the most senior United Nations envoy in Iraq, made the offer to mediate at a meeting with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jafari in Baghdad, the ministry said in a statement.

Disputed areas between the Kurdish capital Erbil and Baghdad, mainly the oil-rich Kirkuk province, have turned into powder kegs that could go off any moment.

The day after the referendum, Kurdish President Bernard-Henri Levy sat with Barzani for a piece for Kurdish news site Rudaw, in which he mused about his people's long struggle for independence.

On Friday, it also banned the transportation of refined oil products by Iranian companies to and from Iraqi Kurdistan.

Nasrallah noted that his group's arch enemy Israel had come out in support of Kurdish statehood and described the referendum as part of a U.S.

Seeking to control the oil income from the autonomous Kurdish region is central to Abadi's strategy after the KRG referendum on independence held on Monday. The United States asks all parties, including Iraq's neighbors, to reject unilateral actions and the use of force.

Kurdish officials have called the measures illegal and have pleaded for worldwide support in confronting threats from Baghdad, Tehran, and Ankara.

In its statement, the United States urged both Baghdad and Erbil to remain focused on fighting the IS.

Meanwhile, French president Emmanuel Macron invited Iraqi prime minister Haider AI Abadi to Paris on Thursday, saying France wanted to "help Iraq to stop tensions from setting in" following the vote on Monday, which saw Iraqi Kurdistan overwhelmingly support secession.

After polls closed in Iraq's Kurdish region yesterday night, the skies above Irbil filled with fireworks and families flocked to the center of town to celebrate. The Kurds have had some level of de facto independence since 1991.

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