HHS' Price: Flu vaccination rates have 'plateaued'

HHS' Price: Flu vaccination rates have 'plateaued'”

"If you're not getting vaccinated, you are certainly open to getting influenza", Luedtke said.

Protect yourself and others this winter with a flu vaccination now. "Sometimes you just need that physical reminder of comfort", Creighton said.

Since 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has tracked hospitalizations and deaths related to influenza each year. It will not cause you to get the flu, but it will enable your body to develop the antibodies necessary to ward off potentially fatal influenza viruses.

At a press conference Thursday morning, a health expert said that millions of people get sick from the flu every season, hundreds of thousands are hospitalized from it and thousands die from the flu and its complications each year.

But even at that low level, the CDC estimated that the vaccine prevented more than 5 million cases of flu, almost 3 million doctors' visits and 86,000 hospitalizations, Price said.

The clues: The Southern Hemisphere, especially Australia, was hit hard over the past few months with a flu strain that's notorious for causing severe illness, especially in seniors. Businesses, industries, agencies or other large groups can call (276) 781-7450 or (276) 759-8297 to ask about a mobile vaccination clinic at your worksite or other location. Though the shots are offered on a drop-in basis, calling is recommended, since the office has a small staff and is closed during the lunch hour.

Officials said 96% of employees at facilities with vaccine mandates got their flu shot in 2016-17.

Children who are uninsured or on state-sponsored insurance plans can also receive a flu shot on a sliding fee scale.

Benjamin shared yet another possible reason for these constant visits: "We do see a lot of students for cold symptoms that don't necessarily need to be seen".

"Flu is complicated and there's no easy answer-we don't have a once in a lifetime vaccine, it's not like measles where two doses of measles vaccines, you're protected for life in 95 percent of the cases", says Richard Zimmerman, who studies vaccines and their use at the University of Pittsburgh.

She explained, "There is not a spike of illnesses at the beginning of the school year, nor is there a difference from the start to the finish of the school year".

Can a flu shot give you the flu?

"Contact your GP practice to arrange a convenient appointment and get your vaccine".

The Kanawha-Charleston Health Department and the Putnam County Health Department are also offering flu vaccines. Talk to your physician when you arrive about your options to help you stay relaxed while getting the vaccine, and consider telling them what behaviors make you anxious. But Martin cautioned against reading too much into the connection due to the unpredictability of the flu. So were two-thirds of adults 65 and older. What are people's primary concerns, and what would you tell them to allay their fears?

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