Did John Cena retire at WWE No Mercy?

Did John Cena retire at WWE No Mercy?”

Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free WWE Raw results for September 25, 2017.

Picking the Miztourgae as the vehicle that gets the gang back to together is questionable, but hey, WWE needs ratings, maannnnnnnn. Jordan's post-match promo was a fine example of why he is struggling to get over though, it was terribly scripted and went down like a lead balloon. Before The Miz can make it to the back, Kurt Angle interrupts and says to tell Maryse he's going to be late tonight, because the Miz is going to face Reigns tonight. From there, Miz hit the Skullcrushing Finale to get the win. While Bray Wyatt's defeat may have been dedicated to the disrespect shown to superstars such as Goldust, the weird one wanted to prove himself to Balor and the rest of the audience, in the ring. Wyatt then challenged Balor for a match at WWE No Mercy.

Balor wins by pin at 11:33. Lesnar is getting whopped inside and outside the ring. Once they were back and Ambrose's music hit, he walked out of the ring and then back up the stairs and into the ring.

-While Reigns/Cena was great, the match of the night was probably the tag title match, as Ambrose and Rollins successfully defended the tag titles against Sheamus and Cesaro.

When Cesaro went first into the ring it seemed he lost some teeth. But then Ambrose moved and Cesaro was kicked by Sheamus accidentally.

Perhaps WWE was fearful that Bliss' forte would expose Sasha Banks, Nia Jax or any other young Superstar worth protecting, so they kept them away from Bliss' jaws.

The close saw a savvy champion manage to elude Nia charging at her in the corner. Earlier this year, Bliss' potent ability to cut down her opponents nearly ended Bayley's career. MizTV did in fact open RAW with a very enthusiastic Ontario crowd and Miz didn't waste too much time and introduced Reigns. Just a few months ago at WrestleMania 33, Reigns beat The Undertaker in the final match of his storied career. Reigns kicked out of an Attitude Adjustment, a Super AA off the second rope and a roll-through double AA.

Cena kicked out of a Spear through the announce desk. Post-match, Cena raised Reigns' arm up to praise the win.

Miz comes out with his cronies, but not Maryse, and Jason comes out alone. Was this Cena saying he's leaving for a bit?

Neville dominated and toyed with Amore for the majority of the match before he got hold of the title and threatened to use it on Neville. The champ looked dominant throughout, but Enzo used some cheap tactics in the end. However, I'm leaning towards Brock winning the title. He looks right now the most likely man to face Lesnar at the Royal Rumble in January, unless WWE goes down the route of a rematch with Strowman. Right after Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan were done with the Miztourage.

Strowman put on an incredible show and even had Lesnar on a two-count early in the match. In the end, the Beast turned out to be the victor even after Strowman brutally beat him up.

Lesnar finally found an opportunity to lock the Kimura Lock onto the bigger opponent.

So, will Braun leave No Mercy with the WWE Universal title or will Brock retain.

But, instead the WWE went with tried and tested and had Lesnar pin Strowman to retain. With a moment like that, it certainly makes it seem like John Cena just retired at WWE No Mercy - but did he?

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