Perrysburg Woman fears for family living in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Perrysburg Woman fears for family living in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria”

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico on Wednesday morning as a Category 4 storm with winds of 155 miles per hour, causing major flooding and knocking out electricity and phone service throughout most of the island.

Wednesday morning Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico leaving destruction in her path. Federal officials said Friday that 70,000 people, the number who live in the surrounding area, would have to be evacuated.

"Puerto Rico. My family and I are with you not only in our prayers, but also in our effort to rebuild our attractive country", Beltran said in a video on the fundraiser page.

"None of my staff, well, only one, and today, got through to one family member", she said Friday, noting that her mother has not been able to reach relatives.

Puerto Rico's rich hydropower resources have also taken a hit.

Authorities launched an evacuation of tens of thousands of people living downstream, sending buses to move people away and sending frantic warnings on Twitter that went unseen by many in the blacked-out coastal area.

Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew through Saturday for the island's 3.4 million people.

"They spent the whole night like that, holding the door like to the point where they couldn't even feel their arms and they are okay", said Agosto. "You know, I just want this to be over".

Although the southeast coast suffered the worst damage, no part of the island escaped the storm's wrath, including the capital San Juan where there was widespread flooding. "We need a united front".

"When I asked him for aid and for collaboration, the governor didn't hesitate", Rosselló said.

RAUL PICHARDO, Resident of Isla Verde, Puerto Rico (through interpreter): That whole building over there is already completely destroyed. We have 34 hospitals around the island, and many of them are operating with their own generators, but they will go out of gas promptly.

"I am really concerned that they have not reached out or said I'm okay".

Felix Delgado, mayor of the northern coastal city of Catano, said: "Months and months and months and months are going to pass before we can recover from this".

"We're giving them what they need".

Martin, who was born in San Juan, posted a similar plea for help on Instagram, People reported.

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