Mexico earthquake death toll surpasses 200

Mexico earthquake death toll surpasses 200”

Much of the rescue effort in Mexico City focused on the Enrique Rebsamen primary and secondary school, where officials offered conflicting information on the death toll and whether there were pupils trapped beneath the cinderblock and rebar that once made up a wing of the three-story building. Many more in Oaxaca and Chiapas lost their homes in the quake that hit southern Mexico on September 7.

Hiram Navarro had reasons for hope and despair Friday as rescuers hunted for his brother and dozens of others who were feared to be in a Mexico City office building that collapsed in this week's magnitude 7.1 natural disaster.

He says hearing calls for help is "shocking" because you're never sure if you can actually save them.

Several people were found alive on Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

In retrospect, the story of "Frida Sofia", had some suspicious points from the start. They all just want to be there and do something for those children that are either dead or trapped in the building.

It was in that area, along the bike lane, where families of the missing slept in tents, accepting food and coffee from strangers - people have organized to present a united front to authorities, who they pressed ceaselessly for information about their loved ones. What are you hearing about the prospects?

Volunteer rescuers working through their third straight night fought off growing fatigue to remove tons of rubble. And, as you can see, unlike a lot of the other sites that we visited here, it's not swarming with people. Everyone just feels like they're emotionally drained.

WILLIAM BRANGHAM: Yes, that's right.

The upscale Mexico City neighbourhood was one of the hardest hit, with more than a half-dozen collapsed buildings in the immediate vicinity.

"Frida Sophia" had apparently said, "I'm thirsty, I'm okay". It was really, really strong.

SILVIA BARROSO (through interpreter): We're feeling desperate. We don't have money to rent a new place.

Over the last two weeks Mexico has experienced two devastating earthquakes (in addition to the damage inflicted by hurricane Katia).

5.8-magnitude tremor strikes Mexico

On today's trip, the team is bringing with them specialized equipment and expertise that they pioneered and developed after responding to that quake 32 years ago. Mexico City was terribly damaged. She's had more than 10 clients with new buildings call her to complain about major cracks and uninhabitable structural damage.

The home of taxi driver Emanuel Jardon, 60, was severely damaged by the collapse of a neighboring building on Tuesday.

Daniel Rodriguez Velazquez has consulted the Mexican government's disaster prevention board.

Estrada says she's frustrated that she can't do anything herself to help remove the rubble. The region was in the early stages of rebuilding just as the second quake hit further north. Since large sections of the City are built on an unstable lake bed, the effects of the tremors are magnified. The first was a magnitude 8.1 quake that struck southern Mexico and killed at least 90 people. Daniel Rodriguez agrees those post-1985 reforms did save lives and saved structures.

DANIEL RODRIGUEZ VELAZQUEZ (through interpreter): We need to see if the buildings that fell met construction standards.

Topos México is posting regular updates about where volunteers are needed most.

Mejia's apartment building in the Santa Maria la Ribera neighborhood was shaken to the ground in 1985. People here said no investigation had been done. "Your daughter is well ... your wife is well, your parents and brothers are well". She's at the hospital now. Some members of Los Topos said they were on the street within an hour.

JAVIER MORALES ACOSTA (through interpreter): We haven't been able to recover anything. "I did not hear anything", Mendoza told the outlet.

The same deep soft soil effect worsened the deadly 2015 Nepal quake because Katmandu is also built on a dry lake bed, Jackson said.

The president has been unusually visible since the two earthquakes, a sign of the political sensitivity of disaster relief less than a year before the next presidential election.

Marriott International's 20 other hotels in the area remain open, as do IHG's 29 other hotels in the region, Hilton's seven Mexico City hotels and Hyatt's two.

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