Unit deployed to Virgin Islands to help with Irma recovery

Unit deployed to Virgin Islands to help with Irma recovery”

"Hurricane Irma has left behind a trail of unimaginable destruction", Branson wrote in the caption of a new Instagram update that shows the horrifying destruction caused by Irma.

Trees that once hugged the hillside have toppled over and are bare after devastating winds from Irma.

These folks homes have been destroyed.

The Orange was scheduled to take on Wisconsin, Vanderbilt and George Washington Nov. 23-25 on St. Thomas.

Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful hurricanes to strike the Caribbean and the southeast USA, hit the U.S. & U.K. Virgin Islands before heading to Puerto Rico on Sep.

State media reported over 71,000 chickens perished in the storm, and more than 12,000 acres of vegetables and fruit plantations were left severely damaged - 4,188 of them to banana plantations. Through tears, Cox recalled how she was stuffing towels in the rafters to keep water out when she received an unexpected phone call. "I've seen a lot of war zones in my life. but I've never seen anything like this", Mr Willem-Alexander said on the Dutch national network NOS.

Still, St. John resident Stephanie Stevens emphasized the islanders' resilience. Having worked on projects at the house before, he knew it wouldn't be able to withstand Irma's strength. "We needed to get to them, because nobody was taking care of them". And light and food is - yeah, you need to bring more food.

She said there should have been an emergency plan ready, but she praised British troops for how they have helped in the aftermath. But elsewhere, a humanitarian disaster has unfolded, one terrifying islanders, many of whom are infuriated by the lack of attention.

"I don't think anything could have prepared us for what Irma actually was". "So we're very grateful".

As she headed toward the USA territory of Puerto Rico over the weekend in a boat that held 12, "there were at least 40 people waiting at the marina, just hoping for a boat to come and pick them up", Rabinowitz, 30, said.

The Rubble And Recovery Of US Virgin Islands: 'Will We Survive The Aftermath?'

Asked what they intend to do next, with a sigh Mrs Nibbs simply said: "I don't know my love". I didn't even put any thought into it.

"My house is totally gone", says Vivekanand Sahleo, 54. We have not seen one first responder.

Some of the damage to The British Virgin Islands.

Income inequality is greater on the Dutch side of the island, prompting armed gangs to head to the French side to rob stores, residents have said.

I have no problem with the politics and the confusion as it's directed to me, but I am getting personally offended as I read some of these comments and listen to people with their unrealistic expectations and assailing folks who are volunteering, folks who are working under extreme conditions, trying to help the people of the Virgin Islands.

BEAUBIEN: The director of the adolescent facility, Kimberly Bourne-Vanneck, says four teens helped move the elderly patients from one part of the nursing home to another as successive rooms flooded.

It is going to be long. Eventually, these patients will have to be evacuated, Connor says.

"It's just rubble in most of the areas ... it nearly looks like a bomb had exploded in the area", Howell said, before adding that rebuilding the islands will start "from scratch".

"We don't have a place of our own". There was a lot of flooding, debris everywhere, and they can not get out of their beds and walk to safety. We hope they will have a heart and step up to the plate and donate back a small fraction of the profits they have earned in the good times.

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