Sheriff Says Washington State School Shooter's Rifle Jammed

Sheriff Says Washington State School Shooter's Rifle Jammed”

The suspect had posted videos online showing him playing with guns, including one where he pretends to hunt for a drug dealer.

Sam Strahan (L) and his father.

The rampage ended when a school custodian approached Sharpe and ordered him to surrender, Knezovich said.

Strahan was a well-liked student at the high school, described by his friends and classmates as amusing, positive, and generous.

Elisa Vigil, a 14-year-old freshman, told The Associated Press she saw one male student shot in the head who janitors covered with a cloth and another female student wounded in the back.

The shooting at the school of a little more than 300 students southeast of Spokane occurred at a few minutes after 10 a.m. The suspect has now been identified as a sophomore who attended the school, Caleb Sharpe, as details begin to emerge about the senseless tragedy.

After killing Strahan, Sharpe randomly fired at students, wounding three of them, until he encountered Joe Bowen, a 42-year-old Air Force veteran.

It was then that a courageous custodian put his life on the line, attempting to convince Sharpe to stop the madness, the Associated Press reports.

When Sharpe pulled out his guns in a second-floor hallway, Sam Strahan, 15, described by a parent as Sharpe's best friend, tried to convince the armed teen to stand down. He did not clarify if he had one or more kids at the school.

Another student interviewed by detectives claimed Sharpe has bragged about owning multiple guns and says he knows how to make improvised explosive devices.

The student who was killed allegedly engaged with the suspect, Knezovick said, speculating that the deceased victim had tried to talk the suspect out of it.

Knezovich said a school resource deputy, who was in the middle school, ran to the scene and helped take Sharpe into custody.

Just as classes were starting Wednesday morning, a student opened fire outside of a biology classroom, authorities said. Hospital officials said all three patients were in stable condition.

Other state leaders are reacting to the shooting at Freeman High School.

Strahan was killed and three others were wounded when the shooter opened fire at Freeman High School, officials and witnesses said.

Police searched the high school's rooms for any additional threats, the sheriff's office said on Twitter. Half an hour later, they evacuated students to the football field. As seen on YouTube videos, it can be seen he was also obsessed with guns.

On social media, he shared self-loathing posts about depression and anxiety.

Sharpe was taken into custody Wednesday unharmed but has yet to be charged with a crime.

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