Everyone chill out, the iPhone X isn't as bad as you thought

Everyone chill out, the iPhone X isn't as bad as you thought”

But what also grabbed consumers' attention was the device's higher price compared with previous handsets.

Apple took the time to tell us that the Apple Watch is now the number 1 watch, so the company is obviously seeing some success, although there's no clarification of exactly what "number 1" means. Pre-orders start from Oct 27.

Thanks to the steadily increasing average price of its iPhone line this year, the company's revenue from iPhone sales increased 3.6% in the first nine months of its 2017 fiscal year, which ends this month, even though the company sold only 2.2% more iPhones than it did in the year-earlier period.

During their fall event at the newly minted Steve Jobs Theatre in their new campus in Apple Park, Apple unveiled their most exciting iPhone yet, truly befitting of the venue and its namesake.

The California-based brand heralded the brand new feature as safe and easy to use, with the owner being able to unlock their home screen just by glancing at the phone.

Though with a larger and seamless display, the iPhone X is smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus, but larger than the iPhone 8. The phone, which is priced at $999 and ships on November 3, as well as the holiday shopping season that will follow are the most important for Apple in years.

Price: From $1,648 (64GB model, without contract) to $1,888 (256GB, without contract).

Yes, the iPhone's average sale price is well below its peak during the 2015 holiday season, but lately Apple has been finding subtle ways to push the average back up.

How can I get an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus? The iPhone X, you see, isn't merely an upgrade to last year's iPhones. The true-depth front camera features FaceID for facial recognition to unlock the deivce. It includes a bright new edge-to-edge screen, a special artificial-intelligence-enabled chip, new sensors for facial recognition and a grab-bag of fun items like animated emojis that mimic your expressions, portrait-mode selfies that blur the background, an augmented reality game platform and wireless charging. They're already vastly overpriced gadgets.

The second track by the Swedish DJ was used to give us the first look at the iPhone X. Just after Tim Cook's "one more thing", Tim Cook spoke about the phone that is going to define the next decade of technology and the screen cut to an ubercool video teasing the bezel-less marvel.

The technological wizardry in the iPhone X is unquestionably impressive. You can also buy phones off people on Craigslist, or friends and family members, but those won't likely come with a return policy, so buyer beware. Will you be getting one for yourself?

The iPhone X still had a few tricks up its sleeve despite lots of rumors and leaks.

This system is the thing that makes Apple's new way to unlock your phone nearly instantly, while still being very secure. The iPhone 7 trade-in offers were too easily copied by rivals, resulting in a costly move that offered no competitive advantage, he said.

So three things to take note of when you decide on what to do with the estimated $300 difference: the gold variation, the seamless screen but with no home button and the innovative TrueDepth camera. The iPhone 8 Plus continues to feature a rear dual-camera system, while the iPhone 8 has a single rear camera.

It's arguably the best looking iPhone to date. Both models also support wireless charging.

The iPhone 8 starts at Rs. 64000 in India and will be available starting from September 29th.

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