Irish couple take shelter in Puerto Rico as Hurricane Irma approaches

Irish couple take shelter in Puerto Rico as Hurricane Irma approaches”

Puerto Rico is getting lashed by Irma, and while meteorologists say the worst of the hurricane will likely miss the U.S. territory, the island is still getting very strong winds.

Hurricane Irma - the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic - passed northwest of the island on Wednesday, killing three people there and causing significant damage to roads and the electric power grid which has put about 1 million people in the dark.

The flight later returned home to NY with its 173 passengers at 4.22pm. "That's hard for anyone to imagine". After that, they'll likely travel to other islands hit by Irma to help with relief efforts there. Puerto Rico essentially declared bankruptcy earlier this year because of billions of dollars in debt, and its infrastructure is falling apart.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has also appealed to residents to be prepared to evacuate their homes, while multiple "hurricane and storm watches" are in place at all levels and the 4,000-strong "Florida Army" and National Guard have both been "activated" in preparation for the impact.

"The hotel staff has been absolutely awesome, giving us very regular updates and helpful evacuation meetings", she said.

"We're hoping for the best; we're preparing for the worst - and asking our people to take the proper precautions", Rosselló said.

"More than 8 hours", says Gabriela.

Gouging? Delta's $3000 fare to escape Hurricane Irma

Right now, his family of five is surviving on water jugs and a small generator.

Lundquist says this is the first major hurricane he's riding out.

"They have empathy for what's happening in Puerto Rico and understand the risk that Irma represented for Puerto Rico", Mercader said. Audrey Malone, a St. Thomas native now living in Long Island, says turning on her TV and seeing no mention of her homeland left her "pissed".

Like Cardona, her Youngstown family closes out the summer with a vacation to Puerto Rico.

He said his mother, who works at a local hospital, would be working during the storm, and she was planning to bring his sister to keep her safe.

Airlines are still planning for airport closures, however, and said they expect their operations to be impacted in the region at least through the weekend. "My mom and sister went there for vacation and got this news of the hurricane". However, their home lost power at about 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. It was pretty intense going towards where my aunt lives.

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