South Korean Influence Shrinks With North Korean Threat

South Korean Influence Shrinks With North Korean Threat”

Among these countries are India, Russia, and Pakistan, all of which have strong bilateral ties to the U.S. Most importantly China,North Korea's largest trading partner, looms large in any retaliatory effort.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in told Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Wednesday that the situation on the Korean peninsula could become unpredictable if Pyongyang did not halt its "provocative actions" after its latest nuclear bomb test. USA officials are closely monitoring that meeting, and sources close to the matter have expressed concerns that North Korea could be helping Iran obtain a functional nuclear weapon, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Putin also criticised the United States, saying it was preposterous for Washington to ask for Moscow's help with Pyongyang after sanctioning Russian companies whom U.S. officials accused of violating North Korea sanctions.

"It's ridiculous to put us on the same [sanctions] list as North Korea and then ask for our help in imposing sanctions on North Korea", he said. "We must act cold-headedly and avoid any measures that will escalate tensions".

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's aggressive pursuit of a nuclear missile program, including the claim of a recent hydrogen bomb test, has been condemned by leaders across the world.

The drill follows a major military exercise Monday, when South Korea's strategic rocket and aviation units fired Hyunmoo surface-to-surface ballistic missiles and long-range air-to-air missiles.

Moon's remarks to Putin, which was not met by a direct answer, hints at Seoul's desire to see a bigger role from Russian Federation. But the reality that we can not avoid and that we must not ignore is that the North Korean nuclear issue can not be resolved through military means alone and that, in the end, it must be addressed through dialogue and negotiations.

Bill English said he wanted more clarity over the U.S. and China's intentions for "a diplomatic resolution" to the North Korean threat.

The remark was a clear rejection of Moon's requests.

Putin did reserve some harsher words for officials in the West advising their leaders to continue its hard line toward Russian Federation.

An American military strike against North Korea was "inevitable" if something did not change, Graham told BBC this weekend. "It reportedly shook buildings in China and in Russian Federation".

"The president asked Russian Federation to help, noting it was imperative to at least cut off the oil supply of North Korea this time", he told a press briefing.

"Each side has its own interest", he added, speaking on the last day of the BRICS summit in China. "Iran is not testing nuclear weapons".

"They will eat grass, but they will not turn away from the path that will provide for their security", Putin said, according to CNN. "We estimate this was far bigger than previous nuclear tests". "But we are concerned that cutting the oil supply will hurt civilians and places such as hospitals".

Putin recalled that Moscow and Washington had agreed to have an equal number of diplomats in Russian Federation and the US. That could also create a problem in the security alliance to oppose North Korea's nuclear missile program.

Moon's failure to persuade Putin makes it clear that an upcoming United Nations resolution to punish the North will be another slap on the wrist.

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