Putin Warns Against 'Driving North Korea Into Corner' Over Nuclear Tests

Putin Warns Against 'Driving North Korea Into Corner' Over Nuclear Tests”

He told reporters at United Nations headquarters in NY on Tuesday that North Korea's nuclear and missile tests threaten regional and worldwide stability. The Russian president said that Kim Jong Un would have his people "eat grass" before giving up the country's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.

President Moon of South Korea also urged the impose tougher sanctions on North Korea in the wake of their latest nuclear tests.

Haley said Washington would propose a new United Nations resolution this week on tougher sanctions against North Korea.

The White House also released details of the call on Tuesday with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

"The United States will look at every country that does business with North Korea as a country that is giving aid to their reckless and unsafe nuclear intentions", she said.

Some documents are set to be exchanged on the occasion of the summit, but it is unlikely that such expanded business cooperation will lead to a resolution of the territorial dispute, political analysts say.

Moon, a liberal who took office in May, had initially showed a preference for a diplomatic approach on North Korea, but his government has since taken a harder stance as the North continued its torrid pace in weapons tests. China, which supplies most of its food and fuel, called the warning "unacceptable". Everyone knows that and everyone in North Korea knows that. The Mexican president said he agreed with Putin's position that trade has not yet matched its full potential.

"I shall stress that in terms of resolving the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, the use of military means is not a viable choice and sanctions alone will never be a way out", he added. Fuel, including crude oil, takes up much of North Korea's imports from Russian Federation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin waded into Russia's diplomatic row with the United States on Tuesday, saying Moscow could further cut USA diplomatic staff in Russia and calling US searches of a Russian consulate and other diplomatic properties "boorish".

"It is not worth giving in to emotions and driving North Korea into a corner".

Russia continues to deny interference in the USA presidential election, despite the claim from US intelligence agencies that Russian hackers instigated hacks on the Democratic Party.

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that military action is not his "first choice" to address North Korea's ongoing moves to develop its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, hours after he spoke by phone with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Officials said activity around missile launch sites suggested North Korea planned more missile tests.

Seoul has said the North could be planning another missile test.

South Korea's Defence Ministry will review "various possible options" to find a "realistic" solution to North Korea's threats, spokesman Moon Sang-gyun told reporters in Seoul on Tuesday. Energy from the underground explosion was about six times stronger than the last test a year ago, South Korea's weather agency said.

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