New England Patriots vs. Kansas City in 2017 regular season opener

New England Patriots vs. Kansas City in 2017 regular season opener”

The New England Patriots take on the Kansas City Chiefs in their first game of the 2017 season on Thursday, September 7.

After completing the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history, the New England Patriots are used to high expectations to begin a season. Yes, wide receiver Julian Edelman is out for the year with a torn ACL, but that should not stop New England from making a 10th appearance in the big game.

The Patriots, who were 17-2 SU and 16-3 ATS overall last season, have surrounded Brady with a receiving corps built much more around speed, and also have TE Rob Gronkowski fully healthy.

Well, there was one thing, and it wasn't good for the Chiefs' offense.

Brady remains the catalyst for New England at 40 years old and passing for nearly 400 yards in the Super Bowl hardly suggests a player on the wane with his plan, barring serious injury, to keep on going into his mid-40s and simply confirm what we already know - he is the greatest of all time.

Predicting that the Patriots will win the Super Bowl at the start of an National Football League season has become old hat.

Kraft said any discussion between him and head coach Bill Belichick regarding Brady's future is private. "I have to put them in the Super Bowl".

While both teams look very similar to last season, both will have new workhorse running backs.

"You only get a certain amount of opportunities", Ford said.

There's a good chance that's the way Thursday's season opener will unfold-with Kansas City able to hang around with New England for much of the way, but not good enough to pull out the victory. In this scenario, I see a rematch from Super Bowl 49 with Seattle.

In search of an answer to that question, we rounded up a group of CBS Sports Radio hosts and asked them who they think will make the trip to Minnesota in February of 2018.

"I searched for the courage to pick against New England, but common sense kept getting in the way".

So which side of Patriots-Chiefs should you take?

Week 11 at Raiders: This one is in Mexico City and Oakland is one of the few teams people are picking that could knock off the Pats in the AFC. The Green Bay Packers are still the class of the NFC North and the Minnesota Vikings, who were 8-8 past year, have surpassed the Lions. The following year, with a last minute inclusion of Tom Brady, they beat the Steelers. Then the feeding frenzy stopped; the market quieted down for almost two months, before the Pats started to ping-pong between -9 and -9.5. Green Bay should be even better than a year ago, which makes this matchup a distinct possibility.

Los Angeles Chargers - Whether through injuries or other misfortunes, the Chargers have had a recent knack of disappointing.

But while Brady might be considered part cyborg at this point, it's worth remembering that every National Football League team - other than the 1972 Miami Dolphins - has lost at least once in a season, and the Chiefs - who went 12-4 past year - won't be intimidated by the spectacle of it all.

The Patriots also added linebacker David Harris to play in the middle of the field, but he's looked a little slow this preseason, which doesn't bode well against Hunt. This team is this team, and the 2017 Chiefs team is the 2017 Chiefs team.

However, it's not likely to be the case against the Bears, who don't have the weapons to compete with the defending NFC champions for 60 minutes.

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