'Be Afraid of the Dark' Episode of AHS: CULT

'Be Afraid of the Dark' Episode of AHS: CULT”

Should we be afraid? The new season discusses the controversial presidential election, showing clips Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton during their presidential campaigns in a trailer for the season.

The blue haired man, whom we later find out is Kai Anderson (Evan Peters) is elated when it's announced that Donald Trump has won the presidency.

Clowns appear. Two of them are having sex in the produce section, another one is skating around with a knife, one is just staring at her. Their friends, the Changs, yell at each other. On the Republican side, Kai (Evan Peters) screams, "F*CK YOU, WORLD!", then proceeds to thrust his hips into his flatscreen TV while he chants, "USA! USA!" "I'm just so scared now" she says. The twisted geniuses behind the hit series used bee imagery to 1) play on the hive mentality that's clearly going to be a theme of this season and 2) ratchet up fear for viewers with trypophobia.

Twisty, as you will fondly remember, is a character from Season 4 of the anthology series, Freak Show.

Will this season revolve around the identities of the men and women hiding beneath the creepy clown masks?

Instead of hauling her butt back home, Ally decides to mosey on into the empty AF grocery store. It seems Ally has severe coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. They all appear to only want to scare her. I've seen not just the premiere, but the first four episodes of Cult. If the clowns are real, the next question is who might be leading them-and to what end.

As Kai attends a town hall meeting, his goal becomes clear: he plans to use Trump's victory to spread chaos and rise to power himself.

Kai decides to take matters into his own hands.

Ally later sees another clown masturbating during a menu tasting at the couple's restaurant, but Ivy isn't in the room when it happens. He also pees into a condom and throws it at them. They hire Winter, who acts sweet and nice during the interview. During her alone time with the child, Winter convinces him to look at murders and dead bodies online. But at the end of the episode, Ally's son Oz also sees the clowns as they murder the Chang family. "They're not jokes. There's something going on there.' That's what that scene is about".

My biggest question after finishing the premiere is all about Billie Lourd's character of Winter Anderson. The police seem to back that up, curiously telling Ally and Ivy that the deaths are being investigated as a murder-suicide. Ally is just ridiculous, letting politics ruin a very nice life with her wife Ivy (Alison Pill) and her young son, Ozzy. According to Oz's account, she took him outside to prove that there was nothing there-and hoisted him up to look through a window, when he saw a couple of neighbors getting killed by a band of terrifying clowns.

This season definitely seems to be exploring fear and reality itself. But this time around with the 2016 election and clowns stalking our dear Ally, the line between reality and fiction is thinner than ever. With the lack of supernatural elements this season, we can choose to believe one of two options: one, that she's hallucinating these figures; or two, and maybe the more likely possibility, that they're actually targeting her. And did the clowns really kill the neighbors? His dyed hair might imply that he's aligned with Kai and Winter, who also have dyed hair.

The point? This could all be in Ally and Oz's heads, but it seems unlikely.

So, there you have it, the very unusual, at times confusing, politically charged American Horror Story: Cult premiere had people talking, but fell a bit short of the hype.

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