Conor McGregor Apologizes to Dana White After Losing to Mayweather

Conor McGregor Apologizes to Dana White After Losing to Mayweather”

He won the first three rounds in my eyes and then Mayweather came on strong.

"They're giving more to McGregor, so it's not fair because it takes two in that ring to draw a crowd - I mean, a good two fighters". Minus Mayweather, McGregor is now the highest paid fighter in combat sports as well. Therefore, his earnings for the two fights could be in the $5 million to 10 million range.

Although there is no official report to confirm Mayweather's net worth as of this writing, and despite speculations that his earnings from his recent fight was enough to earn him the "billionaire athlete" title, a new report claimed that was highly unlikely.

Golden Boy Promotions have worked hard to advertise the fight as a contest boxing fans "can be proud of", after the controversial Mayweather vs McGregor clash, and Canelo has once again promised that he will deliver "a real fight".

Heartbreaking footage has since emerged of McGregor apologising to UFC President Dana White for coming up short in the ring. "The other was more a show", he added.

McGregor made ten times his largest disclosed UFC purse on Saturday.

"I faced him at 170lbs, he beat me", McGregor said.

As it turns out, that wasn't far off McGregor's game plan, as he went in early to try and knock out the undefeated former boxing champion.

Some would say "Yeah, he got the money", but his passion for winning is shown in this video.

The consensus around the world of online bookmakers is that this was an extremely profitable fight for all.

He is taking advantage of the situation and he is in the ideal position to get the big money fight. Despite an 11-year age advantage on Mayweather, McGregor was facing off against one of the greatest to ever box while having never done so himself.

Michelle Waterson UFC Strawweight fighter (Ranked number 6) Whereas Ricky Hatton didn't give McGregor a chance, a lot of UFC fighters were more open-minded, with Nunes and Michelle Waterson being prime examples.

While many personalities in the MMA community speculated that Conor will retire after his big payday with Floyd Mayweather, several members of Team McGregor have stated that he has no plans on retiring anytime soon.

The final episode of All Access landed this weekend which offered a look behind the scenes on fight night, and in it we saw a vulnerable side of Conor McGregor we are not used to seeing.

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