Some mad about storm Sandy as Congress ponders Harvey relief

Some mad about storm Sandy as Congress ponders Harvey relief”

"I hope that we can, but if not I'll continue to spend the day in Houston going back and visiting with those displaced from their homes", the senator said.

But there are still resentments. Among other things, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) told Congress earlier this year that the state still hadn't received all the federal aid it was promised to address flooding in the spring and summer of 2016. "But we are going to scrutinize, just what you did with Sandy, then you voted No". But we're not going to do that. Now, many of them are citing additional spending contained in initial drafts of the legislation as the reason.

All the California Democrats who voted on the Sandy bill voted in favor of the aid.

"It was simply local members of Congress spending on their pet projects and two-thirds of what was spent in that bill had little or nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy", he said. Cornyn also voted against it.

The Sandy bill was finally approved by the Senate. Ted Poe, who represents a Houston-based district, and fellow Texan Jeb Hensarling.

In recent days, he has defended his opposition to a $US51 billion Sandy relief bill he said was filled with "pork". And White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, who will be responsible for preparing any disaster request for Trump, opposed a 2013 Sandy aid package as a SC congressman, offering a plan to cut elsewhere in the budget to pay for it.

"Ted Cruz was one of the leaders of trying to keep NY and Long Island and New Jersey from getting the funding we needed, and now he's the first one in asking for aid for Texas", King said, according to a local NY news outlet. Republican Rep. Peter King of Staten Island, whose district was crushed by Sandy, put it this way: "New York won't abandon Texas. 1 bad turn doesnt deserve another". Period. If government has any goal in America, it will deliver that help as quickly as is humanly possible, and put aside the he-said, he-said bickering that threatens to infect this emergency as it has tarnished so many other issues of importance.

Trump's comments, delivered at a White House news conference, illustrate the political minefield he will navigate in September as he tries to draw support for disaster recovery funds but wages a bitter fight with lawmakers from both parties about whether USA taxpayers should finance the creation of a wall that he has long promised Mexico would fund.

This is not to say that those funds "had nothing to do with Sandy". But many Republicans, including most of those from Texas, decided that the bill was "pork" and opposed it. "But we should all recognize that we all have a stake in this humanitarian crisis".

After Superstorm Sandy blasted New York and New Jersey shore communities in 2012 and inundated some of the world's most expensive infrastructure in New York City, Republican Sens.

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