Trump Is Said to Weigh Tying Debt Limit Increase to Harvey Aid

Harvey has brought the heaviest rainfall in United States history, soaking Texas with more than 52 inches since it first made landfall last Friday.

Melania Trump made her way to Corpus Christi, Texas, alongside President Donald Trump, in a smart white collared blouse with black pants and Adidas Stan Smith sneakers.

Hot off the heels (sorry) of a controversial travel get-up, Melania Trump landed in Houston this afternoon-and though she ditched the Manolo Blahnik stilettos on Air Force 1, FLOTUS was spotted wearing another item that had the Internet scratching its head.

The first lady's baffling choice of footwear lit up the Twitterverse - and her critics included one of the top law enforcement officials in the country.

The photos indicated they were not just any stilettos, but the ne plus ultra of stilettos - razor thin and ankle-sprainingly high, seemingly inappropriate for the grass the couple had to cross to reach Marine One, much less for touring a city coping with widespread ruination.

"With Houston still inundated, Trump kept away from the heart of the disaster zone", Dallas News reported.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott told a news conference on Sunday that coordination with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and its new director, Brock Long, was going smoothly.

The first lady was photographed as she walked across the White House lawn in stiletto pumps.

On social media, the First Lady was dubbed "Hurricane Barbie" and "FEMA Barbie".

Amid the criticism over her shoes, Melania issued a statement later Tuesday about her visit and offered to help in the recovery efforts in every way she could.

"I will tell you, this is historic, it's epic what happened, but you know what it happened in Texas and Texas can handle anything", Trump said during his first speech.

The rainfall is believed to be the most from a tropical storm or hurricane in history for the contiguous 48 states.

Sanders said Trump is looking for suggestions on best and most effective way to help and provide aid.

After each act of prayerful praising, Trump shook his fan's hand, then looked around the room for the next person to pay homage to him.

Trump kept his distance from the damage during that visit, avoiding areas ravaged by flooding.

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