Prices spiking as motorists gas up for Labor Day weekend

Prices spiking as motorists gas up for Labor Day weekend”

It said outbound pipelines, including the 2.6 million bpd Colonial system to NY, are unable to source product from Houston, leading to surging fuel prices throughout the United States.

"If we keep our prices low, that shortage will morph into wholesalers driving north of the border under free trade - and picking up dozens of tankers in gasoline and that will eventually see a run in our own supplies", he said. "There is a reserve, but it takes time to move that around". Still, he maintained that gas shortage rumors and news reports fueled much higher volume of vehicle owners filling up their tanks. Hurricane Harvey has cut the USA fuel-making capacity by almost 25%, which is the lowest level the US has seen since 2008.

Harvey has thrown a wrench into the operations of numerous largest US airlines.

"The (Environmental Protection Agency) has waived the mandated summer blend gasoline requirement". The EPA on Wednesday waived those rules.

Refineries in Corpus Christi were reportedly getting close to resuming operations, and those plants play a major role in providing fuel to the Metroplex.

On Thursday, Energy Secretary and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry approved the release of 500,000 barrels of crude oil to prevent fuel shortages and a spike in gas prices, the Associated Press reported. Our oil comes from Alaska, and the West Coast's largest refinery in Torrance is in full production. Also, he said, fuel was being trucked in from other locations. "It's a refinery issue".

"There's plenty of gasoline", he said.

The crunch prompted QuikTrip, one of the nation's largest convenience store chains, to temporarily halt gasoline sales at about half its 135 stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

As more refineries come back online in Texas over the next week or so, gas prices are expected to go down. "We are heading into winter months where demand is slower, and we're switching to less-expensive winter blends".

Now, it's one story when refiners are offline, but when pipelines shut down, it's a completely different story.

In Miami alone, the average price of gas Friday was $2.54 compared to $2.32 a week ago, according to the American Automobile Association.

Prices rose by 7 cents overnight between Thursday and Friday.

Another man told NBC 5 Responds' Wayne Carter that he had to endure booing and name calling when he filled up three gas canisters in addition to his vehicle.

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