Trump, top U.S. officials differ on dealing with North Korea

Trump, top U.S. officials differ on dealing with North Korea”

Pyongyang says the latest launch was also to counter United States and South Korea military drills on its border.

The video comes after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un hailed the Tuesday launch as a "meaningful prelude" to striking the United States territory of Guam, and said that Pyongyang needs to conduct more ballistic missile tests to advance its capabilities. According to CNN, "North Korea's launch of a missile over Japan was a prelude to more military operations directed at the American territory of Guam, North Korean state media warned Wednesday".

North Korea on Tuesday fired a Hwasong-12 missile - reportedly capable of carrying a nuclear payload - that traveled almost 2,700 kilometers into the Pacific and triggered alert warnings as it flew over northern Japan.

Speaking after his meeting with the ambassador, Mr Field said: "Once again, North Korea's reckless actions violate multiple UN Security Council resolutions and threaten worldwide security".

He then elaborated, "No, we are never out of diplomatic solutions".

The message made it clear that Trump isn't planning to rely on diplomacy when it comes to North Korea. The B-1Bs were flown in from Andersen Air Force Base in Guam while the F-35s came from a US base in Iwakuni, Japan, an official from South Korea's Defense Ministry told the Associated Press.

This was Pyongyang's 13th ballistic missile launch in 2017.

Both the North's key allies China and Russian Federation, which also has ties to it, backed the US-drafted declaration. When asked prior to the meeting about whether all diplomatic solutions had been exhausted on North Korea, Mattis answered with a resounding "No".

North Korea released Wednesday footage of the latest ballistic missile test it carried out, which drew waves of condemnation throughout the world.

After the latest launch, Mr Trump said that "all options" were on the table, reviving his implied threat of pre-emptive USA military action just days after congratulating himself that Mr Kim appeared to be "starting to respect us".

Speaking about the North mastering the re-entry technology, Vice Defence Minister Suh Choo-suk said: "We have not reached a conclusion".

Tuesday's test was of the same Hwasong-12 missile Kim had threatened to use on Guam, but the test flight took it in another direction, over northern Japan's Hokkaido and into the sea. Trump had already warned North Korea earlier that "all options are on the table" and said that the regime's latest missile launch is a further sign of Pyongyang's "contempt for its neighbours, for minimum standards of acceptable worldwide behaviour".

"North Korea's actions are a threat to our allies, partners and homeland, and their destabilizing actions will be met accordingly", said General Terrence J.

North Korea has warned Japan it risks "imminent self-destruction" for siding with the United States.

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