Here's what Houston looks like as Harvey floods submerge the city

Here's what Houston looks like as Harvey floods submerge the city”

Norah O'Donnell spoke with Houston flooding evacuees inside the George R. Brown Convention Center. Edgar described a harrowing experience as she, her husband and her disabled son tried to leave their flooded home in waist deep water on Saturday.

Harvey made landfall in Texas late last week as a Category 4 hurricane and has lingered just off the coast, dropping heavy rain as a tropical storm.

Once they arrived at Austin's Wilhelmenia Delco Center with its cot-filled gym, Rosales said she felt the urge to help others. In a press conference, Houston Director of housing Tom McCasland said that the center would soon be a fully functioning shelter.

"We have approximately 740,000 people who live in this hurricane watch area of 30 counties, we have a maximum capacity, if we open all shelters - both private and public - in Texas of about 41,000 shelter spaces". Hart says the Coast Guard total includes rescues in Houston, but also in outlying cities and subdivisions outside of Houston, as well as in surrounding counties, including Brazoria, Galveston and Matagorda. He helped her from the house and walked her back to the edge of the flood, where dump trucks waited to move evacuees to the shelter.

Yeah, our reporters at the convention center talked with people who were thankful to be in a safe, dry place.

The NRG Center opened Tuesday night. Many of those evacuees stayed in shelters for months before returning home. But they don't want to turn anybody away.

Red Cross Spokesperson Anthony Tornetta told CNN the agency readied supplies ahead of Harvey's arrival and is continuing to bring in more.

"My brother in law had an air mattress and he was trying to get us out and he told us to get the baby on that", Edgar explained".

Pet dogs barked as evacuees carrying trash bags and backpacks were loaded onto a bus shortly after landing.

A pair of 70-year-old reservoir dams that protect downtown Houston and a levee in a suburban subdivision began overflowing Tuesday, adding to the rising floodwaters.

Preston has high blood pressure and is recovering from knee surgery.

From Monday to Tuesday, the population grew from 5,000 to 10,000 - far exceeding the capacity officials intended. His findings put the Tennessee Valley in the cross-hairs of climate craziness with a likelihood of more intense heat waves and - more to today's point - drastically wetter weather.

Evacuee Isaac Sandoval says the hardest part of his ordeal was being separated from his family when there wasn't enough room for him on their rescue boat. She and her four small children arrived Monday.

Washington's friends Lee Benford and Crystal White say what a lot of people have been saying: They didn't think it would get like this - that the flooding would be so bad.

Authorities acknowledge that fatalities from Harvey could soar once the floodwaters start to recede from one of America's most sprawling metropolitan centers.

The visuals out of Houston Sunday struck a chord with neighbors to the north, who stopped by the shelters all day long with donations.

"We've learnt from some of the other major disasters like Katrina, you know, these are the things that we need to make sure we have in place to protect the people", he said. Those residents were taken to a Red Cross shelter.

"It's really crowded. Just crowded", Mr. Shives said.

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