Taylor Swift's Tumblr Likes Shed Some Light On All Those Fan Theories

Taylor Swift's Tumblr Likes Shed Some Light On All Those Fan Theories”

But something has been changing, and her new album seems to be the most definite break with her past that she's ever made. "The following year, the former country prodigy was named as one of Forbes" most powerful women in the world - a status borne out by her rejection of Spotify, the streaming platform so crucial to nearly every other artist on the planet.

Taylor Swift unveiled her darker side in her revenge-seeking new music video, laced with fun jibes at both herself and her contemporaries.

The fiery song, in which Swift declares her former self "dead", dropped last Thursday night and quickly shattered streaming records.

Kim "exposed" Taylor when she posted videos of the singer's phone conversation with Kanye, in which she gave him permission to include her in certain song lyrics on his hit "Famous". The rapper's last concert tour featured a floating and tilted stage. She filled the entire video with cameos from her past music video selves ('cause that's never been done before), but there were also some smaller things hidden within those cameos that you likely didn't catch. It's nearly as if Swift is acting out as internet haters and the media. Will the album, Reputation, which arrives Nov 10, be part of a ticket bundle?

In this scene from "Look What You Made Me Do" Taylor resides in a bath and is surrounded by diamonds.

But an extra Taylor standing in the back on the wing of the plane is hidden in the shadows - and fans believe that Taylor is the real Taylor.

Just when you thought Taylor Swift wasn't going to make a comeback, she did.

"I watched the video for Taylor Swift's new single".

And that's what you missed in the "Look What You Made Me Do" music video. "You can always go back to a loss, or the pain of a pending loss, or a challenging struggle in your family life".

The rapper referenced having sex with Taylor and said that he "made that bitch famous", while the video also featured a butt naked waxwork of Taylor in bed with a host of stars. Obviously, Swift can't let this video go with a dig at Kardashian, who released the infamous Snapchat recording, or "receipts", as the internet dubbed them - a recording that was clearly edited. It even became a meme.

Taylor and The West's have a lot of history. And ultimately with the line, "I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative", to which the rest of them reply "Shut up".

"Shut UP!" all the Taylor clones yell.

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