California congressman uses profanity in backhanded compliment for Donald Trump

Could have been so easy-now a mess!

Trump must know this, too, but he is also aware that his base is in thrall to "the wall", so on Tuesday night in Phoenix he upped the stakes. Was it President Trump, by himself, who broke a seven-year promise to fully repeal Obamacare by passing an Obamacare-lite bill in the House of Representatives? Further, it's unclear whether the rule change would help Trump pass health care legislation, as the last bill to fail was not subject to the 60-vote standard.

On Trump's first tweet, filibusters aren't his principal problem. Both said they expected the debt ceiling would be raised. Pelosi, meanwhile, promised that "Democrats will stand fast against the immoral, ineffective border wall and the rest of Republicans' unacceptable poison pill riders".

Here are all the reasons experts say a shutdown is more likely than not this year.

Since March, the Treasury has been using financial "extraordinary measures" to stave off hitting the ceiling. In a series of tweets, he scolded McConnell and Ryan for not attaching debt ceiling legislation to a recently signed bill that aims to assist veterans.

"I'm not anxious that's not going to get done because it's going to get done", Ryan said during an appearance in Washington state. A sitting president at war with his own party, with his agenda, and the future of his party at stake. You let me down.

To stop what he sees as permanent damage to the GOP, Danforth urged members of Congress to actively challenge and break with the President.

If the Republicans do get something done, the president can say, "You couldn't have done it without me".

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker told his constituents in Chattanooga, Tennessee earlier this month that Trump "has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, nor some of the competence, that he needs to demonstrate in order for him to be successful". Writing after Trump's response to the Charlottesville, Va., white-supremacist rally - in which Trump said "both sides" were to blame for the violence - Danforth says: "We are the party of the Union, and he is the most divisive president in our history". Trump called Flake "weak on borders, weak on crime" in an over hour-long speech to thousands of supporters. ("Trump's demand for wall could upend funding bill", August 24.) Let's get this straight: Republicans control the Senate, but if Senate Democrats filibuster a bill that includes money for a wall along the border with Mexico causing in a government shutdown, it's the Republicans who will be responsible?

The network of conservative groups assembled by billionaire donors Charles and David Koch are executing a major initiative to pressure lawmakers to overhaul the tax code, a goal that has eluded congressional leaders for decades.

Asked about the debt ceiling, Sanders put the onus on Congress to resolve the matter: "It's our job to inform Congress of the debt ceiling and it's their job to raise it".

Political gridlock has never led to the United States' reaching its debt ceiling and its bills going unpaid, but there have been some close calls.

Republican congressional leaders are projecting an air of calm. That standoff was not resolved until the eleventh hour and prompted Standard & Poor's to impose the first-ever downgrade to the country's credit rating.

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