What's Next For John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Top WWE Superstars In 2017?

What's Next For John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Top WWE Superstars In 2017?”

Whatever tagline they slapped onto it, Summerslam is one of the big four WWE events of the year. "It really reminded me that I've worked hard to get to where I am right now and to have a chance at being the women's champion and to have this opportunity".

Two potential feuds appeared based on this week's main event and surrounding moments. The problem is the more they troll the crowd, the more the average fan who wants a certain way is going to get turned off.

For the two straight minutes, and to a somehow even louder degree when his name was introduced, the fans rained down their fury upon Reigns with all of the hatred they could summon.

Hurling an announcer's chair at Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns in the middle of the chaotic SummerSlam show-closer, Braun Strowman reemerged from the wreckage he'd created using Brock Lesnar's lifeless carcass.

The match was followed by a long stare down between the Cena and Reigns. It's possible The Miz could become Monday nights "go to guy" much like Jericho. "The prevailing factor behind Cena's move to Raw is all about his opponents". As evidenced by Shane McMahon's antics during A.J. Styles' successful US title defense over Kevin Owens, anything short of the aforementioned, comparatively undersized shot-callers' zebra-striped standards simply won't do. It doesn't always work out-look at how the last two weeks have completely upended Baron Corbin's former push-but you can tell when McMahon is heavily invested in a match or wrestler, and he's clearly more excited about Raw's current main event scene of juggernauts than he is anything else in WWE right now.

It is an obvious assumption that someone with such star-power would also have creative freedom as a worker. "Where our seats are, you'd definitely see it, you'd hear the chants. But yeah, I've heard that story and it [has] morphed into various incarnations, so yeah, no, there was never an arm wrestling match because mine is still intact, so there you go". This would lead to this confrontation where the focus would be on Sasha successfully defending the title. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose provided just enough Shield nostalgia en route to beating Sheamus and Cesaro (whose sprint to retrieve and destroy a beach ball from the crowd was more memorable than a few of the matches). Now that possibility has come to fruition, but "The Bar" still has a contractual rematch to invoke. Benjamin will team up with Chad Gable, who recently lost partner Jason Jordan to Raw. The Hounds of Justice are back and will prove too formidable for Cesaro and Sheamus as WWE looks to bring back one the most popular factions of all time.

Again, this one hinges heavily on future events. "If they choose to leave him in the HOF I will question whether or not I'll continue to watch their product".

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — World Wrestling Entertainment's newest Smackdown women's champion could be forgiven for spending a few moments thinking about herself for once, especially given her decade-plus-long pursuit of the big prize.

But over to you, Roarers: what did you think of Summer Slam?

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