Islamic Imam Thought to be Key Figure in Spanish Terror Cell

Islamic Imam Thought to be Key Figure in Spanish Terror Cell”

Then hours later, five suspected terrorists were killed by police after a second vehicle attack in the town of Cambrils, some 70 miles southwest of Barcelona.

On Thursday evening, 13 people were killed and more than 100 others injured when a white van ploughed into a crowd in central Barcelona.

On early Friday morning, the fourteenth victim, a woman, was stabbed when five people jumped out of a vehicle and began attacking people at random on the seaside promenade in Cambrils, a town south of Barcelona.

But police say the driver might have been one of the five killed in Cambrils, saying the probe "points in that direction".

The police suspect him of being involved the Barcelona terror attacks.

Vilafranca is the hometown of Pau Perez, who police said was stabbed to death during the main attacker's getaway in Barcelona.

Vancouver police also said Sunday that 53-year-old Canadian Ian Moore Wilson was among those killed in Barcelona and his wife Valerie was wounded.

There were some three dozen nationalities among the dead and injured who came from countries as varied as France, Pakistan, Spain, the Netherlands, China, Venezuela, Mauritania, Australia, Britain and the United States.

Fears were continuing to grow over the fate of seven-year-old Julian Cadman, understood to be a dual British-Australian national, who became separated from his mother during the Barcelona attack. "It's huge, huge", Rodriguez said, fighting back tears.

Police believe the cell members had planned to fill the vans with explosives and create a massive attack in Barcelona, the Catalan capital.

A neighbour close to the Abouyaaquob family, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the imam "had recruited Moroccans of Ripoll and planned the attacks". There have since been other deadly attacks using vehicles in Berlin, London and Paris. Spanish police have also been working with Belgian authorities to investigate a visit that the imam, Es Satty, made there past year.

Abdul Razzaq, national president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Spain, said: 'The victims of the tragic and barbaric attacks in Barcelona and their families are in our special thoughts and prayers.

Citing a Sky News report, Xinhua said that the two suspects - Chemlal and Driss Oukabir - have been charged with murder, membership of a terror organisation and the possession of explosives. DNA testing is underway to determine how many people died in the explosion. The other three all denied involvement.

Satty is alleged to have radicalized the younger men, many of them groups of brothers. "Over the last two years, Younes and Houssein began to radicalise under the influence of this imam", their grandfather told AFP.

All the suspects were found to be planning large-scale attacks in Spain and were building bombs and other explosives in Alcanar.

Sahl El Karib, the owner of a cybercafé in Ripoll, the Pyrenees hometown to most of the members of the cell, will remain in custody under arrest for at least 72 more hours while police inquiries continue.

"I hope they will say he's innocent".

A cousin said Moussa "loved playing football, having a good time, chatting up girls".

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