'Game Of Thrones' Stars On The Tension Between Arya and Sansa

'Game Of Thrones' Stars On The Tension Between Arya and Sansaā€¯

However, in Season 7, Episode 6, audiences saw that the growing opposition between the Stark sisters is more alarming than reasonable. It also doesn't make much sense to have these sisters - who have both been through so much - only briefly allude to this awful time when they first reunite, without going any deeper. Sansa was forced to write the letter by the Lannisters, but the discovery has seemed to make Arya question her sister's loyalty to the North and their family. Alternately, Arya will go after Littlefinger, and he'll somehow get the upper hand, with Sansa stepping in to stab him with that fateful dagger.

Meanwhile Turner, who plays Sansa, also gave her take, adding, "In the books, it says something about how Arya and Sansa are different sides of the same coin".

But I love the fact that the tables do turn back and forth between them; it really is a shifting back and forth of power between them in those scenes we had. Those three know what they're doing.

However, Sansa and Arya are far more clever than they may now appear at this point in the show. Are we supposed to believe that Sansa, who speaks candidly with Jon about his shortcomings as a leader, couldn't be bothered to have just one honest conversation with her sister?

In retrospect, Sansa and Arya's actions during Game of Thrones' first season, when Ned was imprisoned, and eventually executed, by Cersei neatly summarize their differing approaches to their lives as women.

"All she did was testing Sansa".

Co-executive producer Bryan Cogman told the mag, "Sansa and Arya are characters who were never close and never particularly liked each other and have been through so much".

The cons: Arya is right to have her guard up, but she is also being a massive jerk to Sansa. The point of being a Faceless Man is that Arya shouldn't reveal herself or her intentions before she has the knife (either literal or metaphorical) at her victim's throat. Arya, please chill out. Arya is merciless assassin while Sansa has become a capable ruler. There's all kinds of mixed things going on with Littlefinger and that relationship with Sansa. How she'd never serve a Lannister. She was the one that convinced him to fight for it in the first place and without the Knights of the Vale, Jon's army would have been decimated by the Bolton forces.

Hearing her warn Arya that Arya has no idea what she's been through in the last six years stings because she's been through quite a lot, and Arya needs to know that.

Arya and Sansa's relationship has entered a dark and unsafe territory. It was there at Winterfell, in her former home, that Sansa suffered unthinkable torment as she was repeatedly raped and emotionally traumatized by Ramsay before escaping and reuniting with Jon at the Wall. She's wise to Littlefinger's constant manipulations, so why is she blind to the fact Littlefinger has manipulated her and Arya into their current positions? Littlefinger didn't witness any of the arguments in "Beyond the Wall", so why trick Sansa and Sansa alone?

Will Sansa and Arya really try to kill each other?

. Although she has been known to be driven by vengeance, she isn't completely without a conscience.

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