Things We Learned From WWE RAW

The post SummerSlam crowd kept buzzing during Monday Night Raw on August 21. As the Big Dog charged at Lesnar, the champion picked up Reigns for a thundering F-5 for the victory, retaining his Universal Championship once again. We return from the break to see Cass working over Amore with strikes in the corner, Amore fights back and he catches Cass with a jaw breaker.

Hurling an announcer's chair at Samoa Joe and Roman Reigns in the middle of the chaotic SummerSlam show-closer, Braun Strowman reemerged from the wreckage he'd created using Brock Lesnar's lifeless carcass. If executed properly though, he could become THE guy by the next Wrestlemania...along with Braun Strowman, of course.

Instead of talking, Strowman immediately attacks the Universal Champion. To his credit, Brock Lesnar put him over like 10 million bucks.

The Beast Incarnate has never been manhandled like that. But the WWE claims this injury is legit and has showed a photo of Big Cass leaving the arena on crutches. Later, he went for the Empire Elbow but his knee buckled. Amore will be suspended above the ring inside of a shark cage as part of the match.

Nia Jax def. Emma by pin following the Samoan Drop. Jax then picks up Emma and throws her across the ring, Jax would then hit Emma with an avalanche.

RAW has new Tag Team Champions after Seth Rollins & Deam Ambrose saw off Sheamus & Cesaro and the show also has a new Women's Champion after Sasha Banks beat Alexa Bliss. The song mocked R-Truth's "What's up" song so he was interrupted by Truth.

In yet another short match, Samson puts R-Truth away with the swinging fisherman neckbreaker.

But Reigns is hated, perhaps more than John Cena ever was. He has been waiting for "a long time" to go face-to-face with a certain WWE Superstar, and out comes Roman Reigns.

It was all just too good to be true.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are back in action, and the partnership has already resulted in the former Shield brothers capturing a tag team championship off of Cesaro and Sheamus. Drew Gulak, Tony Nese, Noam Dar, & Ariya Daivari by Cedric Alexander pinning Tony Nese following the Lumbar Check. To top it off, Big Cass had clearly the worst match of Summerslam.

In a blockbuster main event featuring four of WWE's biggest (literally) stars, the match of the night award certainly fell to the Universal Championship bout that closed the show in a brilliant fashion. Matt said that sometimes brothers fight but when they fight together, it is a lovely thing and they came out to challenge Ambrose and Rollins to a match. It's not clear if they want to do that match next month or if this is a slow build for WrestleMania. A double suicide dive also has the champs looking good, but Matt Hardy is able to counter a Dirty Deeds attempt with the Side Effect for a near fall.

Following her first women's championship win at SummerSlam on Sunday, Nattie admitted she was aware that she had tied Stratus's mark in Brooklyn.

- Natalya upends Naomi to capture the "SmackDown" Women's Championship. Then she turned her attention to Alexa Bliss. Banks has reached the apex of this business multiple times, but her character took a hit, so to speak.

Backstage, Kurt Angle told Jason Jordan that he is proud of him. Every single match drives home two points: that Cass is angry and doesn't care about Enzo anymore, and that Enzo has heart and will keep fighting no matter what.

Bray Wyatt has awakened Finn Balor's demon persona which will be out in full force at SummerSlam much to the Eater of Worlds' dismay.

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