Taylor Swift Returns with Dark Clip on Social Media

Taylor Swift Returns with Dark Clip on Social Media”

The video comes the same day Americans clamored to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse as it travels across the continental U.S., during which millions will experience just over two minutes of total darkness as the moon crosses the sun. It comes after wiping everything from all of her social media accounts on Friday for a mysterious reason.

And others can't help but notice the timing of her possible announcement.

Is Taylor about to drop a new album?

Her social media disappearance came on the third anniversary of her 2014 single "Shake It Off", though whether or not that was a deliberate and symbolic statement remains to be seen. "She's continuing down the pop route because 1989 was a huge success and fans really gravitated toward that album". Kardashian posted a series of Snapchat videos showing West speaking to Swift over the phone and getting her permission to reference their feud in his song "Famous". It's too prickly to be a snake.

"Even the most dragon-y, dragon-like snake I know, Xenodermus javanicus, doesn't look like that."

The snake emojis began appearing in full force this time, as streams of them flooded the singer's comments section on Instagram. She hasn't removed her handle altogether, however, and she has since left one post. Snakes are painted as negative animals who lie and deceive.

But as of today, Taylor Swift hinted at an ever so slight comeback. He promised to play the song for me, but he never did.

There is also some speculation that it could be a publicity stunt in a lead-up to releasing a new album. Maybe she's going to have a guest slot on Game of Thrones like her buddy Ed Sheeran and didn't want the HBO hacks to reveal it before she could?

There are already many developing theories about what all of this is supposed to mean.

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