Nintendo's SNES Classic Lets You Rewind Gameplay And Try Again

Nintendo's SNES Classic Lets You Rewind Gameplay And Try Again”

Much like the Disney Afternoon Collection and the upcoming Sega Genesis Flashback hardware, the SNES Classic lets you rewind your gameplay, putting you back to the moment before you screwed up whatever it was you screwed up. Basically, when you create a suspend point by hitting the reset button (like on the NES Classic), that game will then allow you to rewind.

Nintendo has announced a very useful feature that you'll be seeing in the Super Nintendo Classic Mini. These links leave Siliconera.

Retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon put up their pre-order pages around 1 a.m. EST and within half an hour, the device was sold out. Nintendo gave them hope when they hinted in a statement that SNES Classic "would be made available for pre-order by various retailers in late August".

New editions of the 3DS might seem odd in the age of the Switch, but Nintendo's announced that it plans to continue supporting its dedicated handheld beyond 2018.

Nintendo has updated the SNES Classic website with a list of retailers that will offer pre-orders, but as of now none of them have any consoles up for grabs.

Nintendo has revealed a special edition SNES design for its 3DS handheld console as it aims to capitalise on the nostalgic excitement surrounding the release of its mini SNES Classic plug-and-play device in September.

Okay, I'll admit, maybe saying that the Super NES Classic sold out instantly is an exaggeration, but only a slight one. Yep, over two decades after its release was first planned Star Fox 2 has finally seen the light of day.

Nintendo has gone to great lengths to create suitably retro-looking packaging, and included a handy operations manual inside the box itself (which you won't need, set-up is insanely simple).

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