Android O to 'touch down' on Aug 21 solar eclipse

Android O to 'touch down' on Aug 21 solar eclipseā€¯

Google on Monday officialy launched Android 8.0 Oreo, the latest version of its opearating system at an event in NY.

Boot times have also been improved, and security features in the Google Play Store are more prominently displayed to keep you safe against any unwanted malware.

Android Oreo was officially launched yesterday at an event in NY. The new feature is called Rescue Party should be enabled by Oreo automatically when it detects that core system components are stuck in crash loops.

The latest version of Google's popular software Android is all set to launch its new Operating System; Android O will be releasing tonight. According to Google, Android 8.0 Oreo will start to roll out in phases to these devices, along with the Pixel C and Nexus Player, "soon".

Android O to 'touch down' on Aug 21 solar eclipse

Picture-in-picture mode: Now, this feature promises to be a huge hit among YouTube and Netflix fans as it allows users to continue watching clips while using another app without having to hit the pause button. Google's blogpost says, "We're pushing the sources to Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for everyone to access today".

If you're enrolled in the Android O beta program you will receive an OTA update to the final build of Android 8.0 when it's ready to go. Since Oreo has just come out, development teams will be hard at work trying to make it fit on the multitude of phones out there; phones older than a year or two probably won't get Oreo at all. Numerous updates won't be immediately obvious to users who've upgraded, at least until they restart their devices, as Android Oreo will boot up nearly twice as quickly depending on your hardware. Who's looking forward to Oreo boxes with Android branding?

Download the News Nation Mobile App and stay connected with top stories from India and around the world. You can choose to also turn the entire Video Previews function off from right inside of the Google app itself. This will result in a reduced usage of power, thus, increasing battery life. However, some OEMs have revealed a few of of their devices that will get the version.

The notification bar will get a new animation. The new emojis include Mermaid, Fairy, Wizard, and Giraffe.

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