CNN's Angela Rye: Washington, Jefferson Statues "Need To Come Down"

CNN's Angela Rye: Washington, Jefferson Statues

"We have to get to the heart of the problem here".

It is true, as stated by some who purport not to be white supremacists but who nevertheless oppose the dismantling of Lee's statue in Charlottesville, that we must not forget the horrors of slavery. Counter-protesters gathered in response, and the two groups clashed. But you had many people in that group other than neo Nazis and white nationalists and the press has treated them absolutely unfairly.

Donald Trump held a press conference in Trump Tower in New York City where he equated America's founding fathers to the pro-slavery Confederacy, and continued to claim that white supremacists and liberal protesters were morally equivalent. "The National Park Service is committed to sharing our nation's history inclusively and holistically, and we have elicited scholars' advice on how to present, more completely, the experience of those who were enslaved at Arlington House".

He added later, "George Washington was a slave owner". And, while Washington did own slaves, some inherited and some bought before the Revolutionary War, by the late 1770s he had become an advocate of legislative emancipation.

This has created an additional headache for cities and spurred another debate: how to dispose of the statues once they are taken down. Trump asked, given Washington and Jefferson's slave ownership.

He concedes, however, that if "my ancestors had fought for the Confederacy, it's possible I would feel a little differently. You had people in that group - excuse me - you had people in that group who were there to protest the taking down of, to them, a very, very important statue and renaming a statue from Robert E. Lee to another name".

"There was a group on this side - you can call them the left, you've just called them the left - that came violently attacking the other group", Trump said. "We have thoroughly examined the issue, and heard from many of our citizens", Gray said. But I'll say it right now. He said he has heard from one relative who said she agreed with the sentiments expressed in the letter.

"Publicity seeking Lindsey Graham falsely stated that I said there is moral equivalency between the KKK, neo-Nazis & white supremacists. and people like Ms. Heyer", Trump said. And sometimes what it is, John, are blind spots.

On Saturday Night Live's Thursday night "Weekend Update", Michael Che invited George Washington, as played by Jimmy Fallon, on to defend himself.

He said that just as there were innocent citizens voicing their opinion for the removal of the city's Robert E. Lee statue, there were also innocent demonstrators there to speak out against its removal. We need to call them out for what they are, whether we think they were protecting American freedom or not. "So foolish!" Trump said. Recently, Fox News reported that Trump was considering pardoning Joe Arpaio, a man found guilty for failing to comply with a court order to end traffic patrols that targeted immigrants. "I can only imagine what persons of color who have to walk and drive by those every morning think and feel". "Confederate monuments belong in museums where we can study and reflect on that bad history, not in places of honor across our state".

It was a low point for the country, and Trump does not believe anything was wrong with it. We have much work to do. "What people want now, they want jobs".

"It is our mission to provide historical context that reflects a fuller view of past events and the values under which they occurred, and the update was made in that spirit", the Park Service said. This cause was the reason that many Confederate statues were built in the era of Jim Crow segregation, from after Reconstruction to the civil rights movement starting in the 1950s.

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