On DACA's Fifth Anniversary, AG Becerra Urges President Trump To Defend It

On DACA's Fifth Anniversary, AG Becerra Urges President Trump To Defend It”

The fate of DACA rests in the hands of President Trump for the moment. The program, which has some 17,000 enrollees in Washington, also makes "Dreamers", as they're often called, eligible for work authorization.

In 1995, Prudence Powell came to the USA from Jamaica when she was 12 years old after her aunt sent for her.

"DACA was one of our first victories", said Tlatenchi, whose wife and 2-year-old son are US citizens.

"DACA has benefitted me because it gives me peace of mind".

In the same vein, each of the participants shared their experiences.

The ICE agents claimed DACA forced them to violate their obligation to detain any undocumented immigrants they encountered.

At the Capitol event, advocates and DACA recipients called for a broader effort that would open a path to citizenship for those without legal status - the kind of comprehensive overhaul that has repeatedly floundered in Congress.

Alondra Pegueros, 19, was among those rallying and chanting "fight for DACA" and "no papers, no fear".

Patrick Carolan of Stratford, executive director of the Franciscan Action Network, was among about 100 people from CT who participated in the march, boarding a bus with other DACA supporters in Hartford.

For Parmer, it could mean an end to her dreams.

Davila recently had her DACA renewed for another two years and moved to the Bay Area from Chicago for a job as a software engineer with Google.

With DACA, I have found prosperity and hopefully a bright future in Washington state. But her voice betrays a tense calm.

"We talk about providing security for members of our community", he said. But as president, he has said those immigrants will not be targets for deportation. "We as a movement have a long history of protecting the environment".

Since its creation five years ago, it has allowed almost 800,000 young men and women who came to this country as children - or Dreamers - to attend school, support their families, buy homes, begin careers, contribute to their communities, and pursue their dreams. She said she acknowledges all that DACA has allowed people in her community to accomplish, but she is also thinking about people like her parents, who are not protected under DACA or President Obama's blocked Deferred Action for Parents of Americans program. We haven't given up yet and we will not stop until we get what we want. Since then 800,000 people have been accepted into the program and granted protection from deportation.

"We believe that all actions toward the right goal are important to achieving that goal, so people through history have stood up, people through history have broken laws and stood up against wrong and tyranny and fascism".

Philadelphia is a living testimony to it, a city whose demographic growth has been falling for several decades until immigrants began to arrive en masse. "They pay their taxes". In other words: the brought wealth for all. It would allow young people like me a chance at lawful permanent residency. "We are all united in hard times".

For its part, the director of the Office of Migratory Affairs, Miriam Enríquez, was present at the meeting of dreamers in the mayor's office.

House Bill 10 too limits the "sanctuary" protections: "The governing body of an institution of higher education may not adopt a rule, order or policy which. prohibits the enforcement of a Federal law or the laws of this Commonwealth pertaining to an immigrant or immigration".

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