Trump Said The US Isn't Ruling Out Military Intervention In Venezuela

Trump Said The US Isn't Ruling Out Military Intervention In Venezuela”

Peru's president has until recently been a lonely exception among Latin American leaders in openly condemning Maduro.

"None of us are afraid of the persecution".

With nearly unlimited powers, this body has been rejected by the Venezuelan opposition and not recognised by much of the worldwide community.

On Thursday, Maduro announced that the new Constituent Assembly would wield supreme power over all branches of government, even over his position.

"If he's so interested in Venezuela, here I am", Maduro told the 545-member Assembly during a lengthy address.

At the same time, the constitutional assembly on Friday said it would debate a proposal to push up to October elections for governors in all of Venezuela's states. Pope Francis had spoken against the constituent assembly's inauguration. Venezuela accounts for about 7 percent of USA oil imports, and the United States could make up the loss of Venezuelan imports from elsewhere.

The United States condemns the actions of the Maduro dictatorship.

Venezuela has lodged protests with 11 embassies over the worldwide condemnation, and railed against the United States for not respecting "any basic principle of global law". As many as 150 people have reportedly been killed in the violence since late March.

Venezuelan security forces have wielded excessive force to suppress protests, killing dozens, and have arbitrarily detained 5,000 people since April, including 1,000 still in custody.

Like Smolansky, Muchacho's location remains unknown. But early Thursday there was little response, beyond a barricade of trash across a road.

Maduro also accused the opposition of flatly rejecting dialogue and his government's attempts to bring about reconciliation, saying that its supporters "have become prisoners of strategies of local violence".

Speaking ahead of today's protest at the US Embassy in Ballsbridge, Workers' Party representative Gavin Mendel-Gleason said the US was engaging in " risky and destabilising actions in Venezuela". As Maduro has cracked down on political opposition, the country's economy has also taken a nose dive, resulting in shortages of necessities such as food and medicine while many residents live in extreme poverty.

On July 17, Trump said Maduro "dreams of becoming a dictator", noting that "the United States will not stand by as Venezuela crumbles".

"We reiterate that the unilateral economic sanctions imposed against the Venezuelan people are a flagrant violation of global law and human rights, as well as an unacceptable interventionist implementation, whose only goal is to directly hinder the Bolivarian people and government of Venezuela in order to change the regime", the declaration stated.

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