Kenya Opposition Coalition Will 'Not Be Party' To Polls Announcement

Kenya Opposition Coalition Will 'Not Be Party' To Polls Announcement”

But Mr Odinga said in a tweet that his party's own assessment put him ahead of Mr Kenyatta.

The gunfire rang out in the Nairobi slum of Kibera and in the southwestern city of Kisumu, the witnesses said. "But we were determined that we would be patient and wait for the final result, as indeed have now been declared", Kenyatta said following the announcement. After the announcement, Odinga and his campaign rejected the results. "We politicians come and go, but your neighbor is your neighbor", he said.

In a speech at Chatham House in 2016, Odinga emphasised that Kenya's electoral body must be transparent in order to enable elections that are not only peaceful, but credible.

The opposition stance immediately raised concerns that protests by disappointed supporters of Odinga could lead to violence. "We reach out to you".

The election commission has until August 15 to release the final tally.

Hundreds of police in anti-riot gear are in the streets of the capital, Nairobi, amid fears of further protests by opposition supporters.

Kenya has been relatively calm this week, but the country braced for possible violence on Friday night.

Raila Odinga has been Kenya's prime minister and longtime opposition leader, but with results in from Tuesday's general election, it seems he has once again failed to get the one job he's always wanted: the presidency. As Eyder noted, this election marks something of a culmination for Kenyatta and Odinga, whose rivalry dates back to the 1960s, when their fathers - who once served as president and vice president themselves - had a bitter falling out. "Going to court is not an alternative". "We've been there before".

Odinga lost the 2007 election that was followed by the violence that was fueled by ethnic tensions.

Election officials have spent the last few days confirming provisional results with checks of documents from polling stations across the nation.

Orengo said ex-Ghana president John Mahama should have been vetted alongside his South African counterpart Thabo Mbeki and ex-US Secretary of State John Kerry.

"From the information in our possession, some persons gained entry into the IEBC Election Management database and assumed the role of our collective sovereign", Odinga said, adding that the hackers created errors in the commission's core server "that allowed them to turn a democratic process into a function of a formula".

Odinga's claims of rigging after defeat in the 2007 elections prompted rioting and retaliation by security forces, which tipped the country into its worst crisis for decades.

The Senator said the verdict now lies with the Kenyan people who he believes will refuse to accept the results.

Mr. Mahama told the media: "No Kenyan blood must be shed because someone disagrees with the outcome of the election". The Luo are one of the major ethnic groups in Kenya, but a Luo has never been president of Kenya, and many members of the tribe attribute their socioeconomic troubles to their group's political exclusion. "Leaders above all need to make that clear".

"It is a sign of leadership and public service to be able to congratulate your opponent with grace as a normal and important part of democracy", Marietje Schaake, head of the European Union mission, said in a statement Friday.

Uhuru Kenyatta, who won a second and final term in a disputed election Friday, is the son of Kenya's founding president and a man who epitomises the country's elite.

At least three people have died in the violence.

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