Google Cancels Town Hall After Employee's Controversial Diversity Memo

Google Cancels Town Hall After Employee's Controversial Diversity Memo”

In an email to staff, Pichai explained that questions from employees had been leaked and that, in some cases, specific employees' identities were revealed, exposing them to harassment and threats.

Google has terminated an employee who wrote a controversial internal memo that asserted that women's under-representation in technology jobs and leadership positions was a outcome of biological factors and not ostensibly because of gender discrimination.

Damore has already filed a charge with the National Labor Relations Board- and spoke on Bloomberg television defending himself- saying he feels hurt and betrayed by Google- that he was trying to improve Google's culture. "My guess is Google would rather not have people talking about this", he said.

The meeting was cancelled after employees who had sent preliminary questions started getting harassed online.

Until now, little has been known about Damore.

Section 7 is meant to protect employees who engage in unionizing activity. "There were many people that came to me and said, 'yeah I'm thinking of leaving Google because this is getting so bad"'. "Whether the manifesto really constitutes a "concern about working conditions" and whether he was acting for the good of others will be the dispositive issues". Otherwise, firms may end up with a employee base of which only a small minority is women, even when women make up a large minority of the suitable candidates.

But her teammate Ashni Sheth said while Damore was welcome to his opinions, she felt it important to not make generalizations.

Apart from Pichai, the memo was also denounced by Danielle Brown, Google's new vice president for diversity, integrity and governance. The complaint claimed Google management was trying to silence his views.

His firing set off a firestorm as well, with some people arguing that Damore's freedom of speech was being violated.

"At Google, we're regularly told that implicit (unconscious) and explicit biases are holding women back in tech and leadership", Damore said.

Google had received hundreds of questions from employees before the meeting.

But the manifesto was specifically worded. He told Molyneux he made a decision to write the memo after attending a Google diversity program, where he heard things he "definitely disagreed with".

The Google engineer fired for a "sexist" memo against women in tech has found a new target, his employer.

Given the company's agenda, Pichai could have used a vacation.

He said the company was exploring other forums for the discussion in the coming days.

Damore's memo is so radioactive that it reportedly even divided the ranks of top executives who report directly to Pichai.

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