The President With Many Lives: Zuma Survives Motion Of No Confidence

The President With Many Lives: Zuma Survives Motion Of No Confidenceā€

Typically secret ballots are used in referendums to protect the identity of citizens. Many predicted the vote would fail, saying most members of the decades-old liberation party would hesitate to make any major leadership changes that were initiated by the opposition.

ANC members erupted in cheers as the result of the voting was announced. They knew they had won and their President was safe, for now.

The motion of no confidence was defeated by 198 votes versus 177, according to Bloomberg figures.

Zuma's African National Congress party dominates the legislature, holding 249 of the 400 seats.

'I plead [with] you let us put the people of South Africa first and vote to remove Jacob Zuma today'.

Zuma, 73, has weathered various storms in his eight years in office, but multiple corruption scandals and mounting economic woes have seen the ANC ruler's popularity plummet over the past year. Some long-time party members and anti-apartheid activists have openly called on Mr Zuma to go.

He has been accused of being in the sway of the wealthy Gupta business family, allegedly granting them influence over government appointments, contracts and state-owned businesses. Zuma has survived several past no-confidence votes.

When commenting the result on Tuesday night, Zuma noted that the repeated attempts to remove the ANC from the government "will never succeed".

The vote has become a test of ANC unity as senior party figures have increasingly become critical of their leader.

Zuma is attacking what he calls "propaganda through the media that the ANC is no longer supported by the people".

South Africa's President, Mr Jacob Zuma, has survived the no-confidence vote held in the country's parliament today amid protests.

"The ANC is supported by the overwhelming majority", he said, before breaking boisterously into song, cracking jokes and telling his supporters that the opposition had been thwarted in an attempted power grab.

While the majority of ANC MPs in the national assembly rallied around their embattled leader to defeat the eighth no-confidence vote brought against him by opposition parties since 2009, he remains a divisive character in the former liberation movement.

"Our choice is between right and wrong, between good and evil".

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