Taylor Swift's Groping Trial: Day Three Recap

Taylor Swift's Groping Trial: Day Three Recap”

Taylor Swift's mother, Andrea Swift, took the stand in Denver federal court on Wednesday, August 9, in her daughter's groping trial against former radio DJ David Mueller.

Mueller's attorney, Gabriel McFarland, disputed Swift's allegations.

Swift's security guards threw Mueller out of the Pepsi Center and told him he was banned for life from Swift concerts. Mueller agreed there are "around 200" markets across the U.S.

Andrea Swift testified that her daughter had agonized over her own actions when the photo was being taken, including saying an nearly automatic "thank you" to Mr. Mueller and his girlfriend after the photo was shot. I had a good reputation and I want to get that back.

Potential jurors were asked whether they are fans of either Mueller or Swift, including if they had ever seen Swift in concert, downloaded or purchased her music, or attended the 2013 concert.

In his cross-examination of the disc jockey, Baldridge noted Mueller did not sue the radio station or its management over his termination and had hired an expert who calculated Mueller stands to lose as much as $3 million in future earnings. Andrea Swift was not present when the photo was taken, but spoke to her daughter afterwards.

"I was upset to the point where I wanted to vomit and cry at the same time", Andrea said about the 2013 incident backstage during Swift's Red tour.

"It absolutely shattered us, this incident", Andrea Swift said.

"I knew what happened". "He sexually assaulted her. That guy".

Mr Baldridge told the civil trial Swift's lawsuit was a symbolic gesture to other women that "you can always say no".

Swift has said she is positive it was Mueller who groped her.

Frank Bell, the Grammy Award-winning chart-topper's radio liason, backed up Swift's version of events, what she said to him immediately after the photo session. Though many producers saw Swift as a "daughter or sister", Andrea or a family member always accompanied her.

How did Taylor Swift feel after the reported assault by David Mueller?

In addition, Baldridge quoted a deposition by Swift's photographer Stephanie Simbeck, who said Swift uttered "that guy" had grabbed her behind. "I knew exactly what happened", she said, pointing at Mueller.

Mueller testified that he wants to clear his name and recover earnings he lost after being fired.

Her typical strategy has been to write "a nasty song about the person", said Howard Bragman, the founder of Hollywood PR firm Fifteen Minutes. During the meet-and-greet, he told Swift he worked with KYGO - and this is what helped her team identify him and track down the photo.

The mother tearfully acknowledged her daughter expressed bewilderment at having "thanked" Mueller and his girlfriend after posing with them despite believing she had just been groped. "We tried hard for a long time, and we're really disappointed, " the actors wrote.

The image shows Mueller's arm bellow Swift's waist, but it is unclear where his hand is.

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