Rachel says no to Bachelorette spinoff, but Bryan says it could happen

Rachel says no to Bachelorette spinoff, but Bryan says it could happen”

"So You Think You Can Dance" (0.8, 2.7 million) was steady on Fox.

It was a staggering misfortune to her when she chose not to run with Dwindle, and it was all the more an incidental award when she at last acknowledged Bryan's proposition.

It's going to be interesting to see where Peter goes from here, but sadly, given his trepidation about shotgun proposals, I don't see him returning as The Bachelor. "We discuss everything", Rachel told us in July. Peter asks her if in a week, I'm not ready? He says he doesn't want what he holds dear (he stance on an engagement) get in the way.

However, Rachel's breakup with Peter beforehand was emotional and excruciating, seemingly for both individuals involved and all the viewers watching from home.

"They're supporting me, they're excited about it, they can't wait to get to know Bryan off-camera".

"Sharknado 5: Global Swarming", the latest installment of Syfy's disaster-comedy franchise that went viral when it first appeared in 2013, hit TV screens on Sunday night, generating 20,331 ERs. "I do think she made the right decision in the end".

Despite the tension, the reunion gave him some "closure". I really wish you could have seen more of that. Rachel agreed, saying they talk about "everything". Chris also asks her about the overnight dates and she said she went in with a list of questions, like real questions, about heath care, credit scores, etc. "And for the first time, I stopped running away from it, and I was like, 'Why can't you have what you want?' And that was Bryan".

At least Rachel and Bryan are doing their best to convince us they're happy. Through tears, they each shared that they were in love before parting ways.

Time for the rose ceremony.

"Peter did say that he would propose at the end", she said.

Bryan got the first impression rose!

"Hearing you say "yes" on the top of that castle in Spain was the greatest moment of my life!" he wrote to his fiancée. "Rachel's always said she wanted to carry on her father's legacy", explains the source.

"I think [ABC] was really happy with how Nick Viall did in the spring, but if I had to guess, I'd guess that this fall, the show would probably take a break from Bachelor Nation". "What is holding me back?" I, and all of the women waiting in line and clutching photos, don't know these people. For instance, there are those who cheered for Kraus when he told Lindsay, "Go find someone to have a mediocre life with". Rachel's sights aren't set too high if she's willing to court that many men in such a short amount of time in the hopes that one of them will be THE ONE.

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