Keyboard Kimura: UFC takes a breather as McGregor-Mayweather hype takes over

Keyboard Kimura: UFC takes a breather as McGregor-Mayweather hype takes over”

Former UFC welterweight title contender turned broadcaster Dan Hardy will join Sky Sports Box Office for the upcoming boxing bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor in Las Vegas. From a storyline standpoint, McGregor-Malignaggi makes a ton of sense. He has since quit being McGregor's sparring partner.

American Malignaggi, who retired in March, was upset about training camp pictures made public.

"The thing about the alleged knock down, it was during one of his worst moments". "I could see that even in the half shape that I was in, I was starting to get the better of him by Tuesday". For us though, we're taking all this with that grain of salt, too, and hope that the big fight night lives up to its billing.

"I've been able to see and go through a few of his fights, and really see how he really soaks up the atmosphere". "Mainly on conditioning, it wasn't anything tactical really that he was better than me at". Everyone knows who I am.

Speaking on MMA Hour, Malignaggi said there was more to the photo than met the eye and the incident had occurred as McGregor struggled to get through a 12-round sparring session. So, if you look at everything on paper, it leans toward Conor McGregor. "Totally different", Aldo said when asked if a repeat of McGregor's December 2015 featherweight-title victory can be repeated against Mayweather (49-0) August 26. I want to promote you and help you out, but not at my expense.

FLOYD MAYWEATHER and Conor McGregor travelled to Los Angeles, Toronto, New York and London ahead of their historic bout - here are some of the best photos from their press tour.

Hardy regularly commentates on European broadcasts of UFC events and has been praised for his ability to break down fights in the past, with his analysis of McGregor vs. Mayweather earning plenty of plaudits last month.

He said McGregor's biggest asset against Mayweather will be his excellent conditioning. However, he felt something wasn't right so he spent a week working on his conditioning before he went back to spar with McGregor.

"I just thought about all our different leaders - Martin Luther King, Malcolm X - that went on the front line for me and my family and all my loved ones", Mayweather said. That's not what a fighter should want from somebody who spent time in the camp. There's a good chance Mayweather will probably anticipate this strategy from McGregor and will spend the early portion of the fight defending the Irishman's attacks.

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