More Google Pixel 2 Photos Leak

More Google Pixel 2 Photos Leak”

As we get closer to the official announcement of Google's new Pixel phones, the leaks are starting to pick up. Rather than adopt a newer configuration that maximizes the display-to-body ratio, HTC's new flagship phone still had massive bezels above and beneath the screen. The smartphone, according to leak, has shown four color variations, one of which is the black-gray one, which is said to be legitimate, Android Headlines reported. We're also expecting some camera improvements, which is exciting considering how good the cameras are on the original models. That was the takeaway from a previous leak, and it seems to be reinforced with these latest pictures as well.

For those getting the larger Pixel XL, you can now buy it for only $569, while those looking for a smaller phone can get the Pixel for just $125 less at $524. The edges are rounded with smooth touch. The glass window is smaller with the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor sitting right outside of it.

The images show the front-facing speaks and front-facing camera of the Pixel 2.

It is possible that these renders belong to the more affordable Pixel 2, as there are rumors that Google intends to release a more affordable handset later in the year.

Particularly praised for its photographic capabilities, the original Google Pixel was manufactured by HTC, and the first to incorporate the Android 7.1 Nougat with the Google Assistant. However, the company has not confirmed anything yet about this.

On the other hand, Google is following one latest trend of the recent flagship devices. Google will launch these phones in the coming October month. The first security string level will be focused more on making sure your Android device is up to date with the patches before proceeding to the newest update. Dubbed "streaming updates", the feature is meant to stop users falling foul of storage woes when attempting to download large over-the-air (OTA) system updates.

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