Game of Thrones actress confirms off-screen death

Game of Thrones actress confirms off-screen death”

Let's not waste anymore time and jump right in... There simply is not a more enjoyable time to be had in front of a screen than watching Cersei play with Euron Greyjoy's affections like a cat with an especially ambitious mouse.

Fans had a lot to say about that scene and the death of one of their favorite characters.

Tyene is the youngest of the three Sand Snakes we meet, and the only one who's also a daughter of Ellaria Sand.

Nonetheless, Cersei promised Euron that he'll have everything his heart desires once the war is won. I even got a little emotional in the end, and if this is how the Queen of Thorns goes out in the books as well, it'll make for a great end to her arc. Oh, and the Archmaester only slightly reprimanded Harry Potter, excuse us, Mr. Tarly. It seems fitting that Olenna bow out- though certainly not gracefully- during an episode that embodied everything we loved about her.

Speaking about Jaime's thought on the murder, the actor said: "He's trying to be nice about it".

Sansa Stark is back in Godswood, and yes, this is the same place that Bran Stark had the creepy conversation with Sansa. She is becoming power hungry. She went in an wonderful, epic way.

Well, what is cooking between Daenerys and her "most trusted advisor" Missandei? She did not try to run as Jaime made his way from her courtyard to her tea room. It was Hamlet. It was people surrounded by four walls saying "this is what war has done to us, please listen to what I need".

Elsewhere, we're getting some tantalising looks at action as it develops across Westeros. It's a masterful way to end a heartbreaking episode that shows Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) losing in all endeavors, but also allows the character the opportunity to deliver some serious shade at the end. Tyrion got to piss off his father's legacy by using his expert knowledge of Casterly Rock's sewers to take the Lannister home (although that was a trap) and Jon Snow's hidden Targeryn past was mentioned as he sought a more secure future with Dany.

Olenna never could figure out a solution to the problem of the Faith Militant, and she herself left the capital after being warned by Margaery that her life was in danger from them.

The Lannister lioness uber-fan popped up in Episode 3, "The Queen's Justice", sporting a pixie cut and some Cersei runway realness.

As she's staring down the end she still has no fear of Jamie Lannister.

He filled her wine glass with poison, which Olenna drank before launching into a blistering final speech which revealed she had killed Cersei and Jaime's son, and one-time Iron Throne occupant Joffrey.

There's of course a poeticism to the death, echoing how Ellaria killed Myrcella. Well, with the smirk on the former slave's face, we are not at sure.

Margaery: You don't know, grandmother.

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