West Virginia's Governor Is Switching Parties

West Virginia's Governor Is Switching Parties”

Justice's announcement makes him the 34th Republican governor in the country, NPR reported, "tying a record set almost a century ago in 1922". "The majority of the Legislature was elected on a platform of strong, Republican principles, and we hope the Governor embraces these principles as he joins our party". The state used to be a Democratic stronghold.

Party switches, especially at the gubernatorial level, don't happen very often. Justice's mining companies owe $15 million in unpaid taxes in six states, as NPR reported previous year, accruing much criticism from then-fellow Democrats. And it's not clear he did it because of broader partisan dynamics. Trump protesters in Huntington, who presumably are Democrats or independents, broke into a chant of "Jim Justice is a traitor".

The share of voters who soured on Justice's work in office ranked behind just one other governor, John Carney of DE, who was also just elected in November, after serving three terms in the House.

While Democrats weren't given notice of Justice's switch, they probably shouldn't be surprised. He actually is a former Republican.

The demands to investigate go back to the heat of the 2016 race, when GOP candidate Donald Trump routinely referred to his Democratic rival as "crooked Hillary". It ended up being a smart call.

His political affiliation - also like Trump's - has been in flux.

In his five-minute riff, Trump hit on a familiar refrain that the Russia story is an attempt by Democrats to downplay his electoral victories - but in a new turn, Trump raised questions about whether the special counsel will be fair and joked about the idea that Russians infiltrated his campaign. But his abandonment of the party that nominated him marks the rapid partisan realignment of West Virginia and raises new questions about the Democrats' brand in red and rural states. "There is an opportunity for the President and me to work together, because factions in both of our parties have already started to blame each other if tax reform fails", Manchin said.

With this effort to pursue Clinton, "I'd say that the norms are under significant pressure", Clark said. He said the Russian Federation investigation "makes them feel better when they have nothing else to talk about".

Referencing West Virginia Sen. They derided the eccentric billionaire during the campaign for not being good with finances. "He cares about us in West Virginia". "The debts have only worsened during Justice's term as governor".

"I can't help you any more being a Democrat governor, so tomorrow, I will be changing my registration to Republican", Justice said in a brief interlude from Trump's speech.

Recent polling indicates Justice remains popular in West Virginia. "They're not so forgotten anymore", he said.

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