Election company says manipulation in Venezuela vote turnout

Election company says manipulation in Venezuela vote turnout”

Ledezma was still in his pajamas.

Venezuela is an oil-rich country that could have anti-Americans as leadership within the next two to three years, Rubio said. They're now the top asylum seekers in the U.S., ahead of citizens from China, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador.

Both men's supporters denied the charges and vowed to continue to try to push the ruling socialist party from power. He said Lopez was only forbidden from talking about his own case. The nation's Supreme Court is accusing them violating the terms of their house arrest by plotting to escape and releasing video statements criticizing Maduro.

China has come out in support of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, defending the country's National Constituent Assembly election as "generally held smoothly", dismissing criticisms from the United States and its junior partners regarding alleged voting irregularities.

That vote had overwhelmingly backed a new Constituent Assembly to enable the transition of Venezuela's political system from the Fourth Republic to the Bolivarian Republic.

Maduro also announced a one-day delay in the assembly's installation, saying it would convene on Friday instead of Thursday as planned, in order to "organize it well in peace and tranquility".

Maduro says he does not care. The threats and sanctions of the empire don't intimidate me for a moment. Spain has been the most vocal in advocating sanctions but others have mostly been coy.

The weekend election was meant to establish a National Constituent Assembly, which would grant massively increased power to the ruling United Socialist Party.

Venezuela has been in the throes of nationwide protests since late March, with citizens demonstrating against food shortages, galloping inflation and Maduro's autocratic government. "With those two tendencies we may see eventually a willingness for real talks to begin".

In his first meeting with assembly delegates Wednesday night, President Nicolas Maduro not only stood by the official count of 8 million-plus votes cast in Sunday's divisive election, but proclaimed that an additional 2 million people would have voted if they hadn't been blocked by anti-government protesters. Reporters on the ground in Caracas said dozens of polling places were nearly deserted Sunday.

The country went to the polls to choose a much-condemned assembly that supersedes parliament. Several worldwide leaders and human rights groups also have criticized the new constitution as a prelude to dictatorship.

"Yesterday's illegitimate elections confirm that Maduro is a dictator who disregards the will of the Venezuelan people", US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told reporters.

The ANC will replace the opposition-led National Assembly, and critics fear it will erode democracy and give rise to dictatorship.

The election drew worldwide condemnation, with the Unites States imposing sanctions on Maduro.

Authorities said 10 people died on Sunday in election-related violence, while the opposition claimed the death toll was 16.

The world watched as Venezuela descended into political turmoil and riots recently, but what is behind the chaos?

"Venezuela has the largest (crude) oil reserves of any country on Earth, so the amount of petroleum leaving or staying in Venezuela will affect prices", Linares said.

Latin Americans are sensitive to what some consider "imperialist" policies coming from Washington, making it easier for leaders like Maduro to foster mistrust of the United States.

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