Bitcoin fork commences, first BCC block yet to be created

Bitcoin fork commences, first BCC block yet to be created”

Such exchanges as Kraken, Bitfinex, and ViaBTC support the new blockchain and its token and will credit their users with the same amount of BCC when the UAHF activates on August 1.

This initially took the form of a change to the Bitcoin Cash code to include a special OP_RETURN value - effectively creating a new transaction type that would not be valid on the legacy Bitcoin network.

The company said that trading will remain unaffected throughout the BTC service interruptions.

Those who own bitcoin will continue to own the old version and also own the new "bitcoin cash."Some say the new won't hurt the old and those investors stand to benefit from speculative rallies following the fork".

Bitcoin is a digital currency that's not tied to any bank or government.

Bitcoin averted a split two weeks ago, when its software developers and miners agreed to implement a software upgrade called the Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 91. "If you do not wish to access Bitcoin Cash (BCC) then no action is required".

This is significant because the new Bitcoin Cash is expected to be worth real money.

If you wish to withdraw bitcoin (BTC) before the hard fork, we recommend you initiate your withdrawal by 10am PT on Monday July 31st due to potential network congestion. The State of DE signed a bill last week allowing companies to list stock on blockchains, allowing issuance and transactions to take place there, although the SEC made it clear last week that simply being on a blockchain does not free participants from any obligations.

The proposed hard fork to an 8 MB block size is set to have many client implementations. Proponents say this system creates a trustworthy currency free from political oversight, and capable of faster, cheaper digital transactions than possible with conventional currencies. These nodes are what facilitates messages to be sent across the Bitcoin network, maintaining continuity in the blockchain.

Tone Vays, a bitcoin analyst and consultant, said he thought bitcoin cash is destined to become one of many alternative digital currencies known as "alt-coins".

This divide comes as a result of the ongoing debate on the cryptocurrency, where developers across the world were at loggerheads to come up with a solution for the congestion of transactions on the bitcoin blockchain. But others will not.

The limitation was originally introduced to protect Bitcoin from cyber-attacks, but has meant some users have had to wait days for their transactions to complete at busy times. It is likely that bitcoin cash will pull at least some of its value from the bitcoin market cap, but how drastic and immediate will the transfer be?

Anyone who owns bitcoin will also own the same number of Bitcoin Cash units. If Bitcoin Cash proves to have staying power though, that may not be enough from "ruinous legal trouble". This hands off, wait-and-see attitude is exactly what Bitcoin Cash needs, as it is ultimately user demand and not blind speculation, either in favor of or against, that will ultimately determine whether or not the split succeeds. The miners responsible for processing transactions and generating new Bitcoins ultimately decide which of the two coins to support.

What is the bitcoin fork? . It depends on whom you ask. The original plan was to increase block sizes to 2MB each. More than five hours later, that hash rate increased to more than 200. The price of bitcoin has already started to drop following the announcement.

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