McCain Votes Against 'Skinny Repeal,' Bill Fails

McCain Votes Against 'Skinny Repeal,' Bill Fails”

The New Yorker's take was typical: "Throughout his political life, John McCain has for many reasons enjoyed bipartisan respect and even reverence: his independence of mind (usually), his candor (usually), his decency, his love of country."...

Numerous 49 Republicans who voted for the bill knew the skinny repeal was bad law - Republican Sen. On Friday, health-care analyst Spencer Perlman at Veda Partners LLC said in a research note that there's a 30 percent chance Trump will end CSR payments, which may "immediately destabilize the exchanges, perhaps fatally". He says in a Senate that Republicans control 52-48, every Democrat and at least half of Republicans would vote against getting rid of filibusters.

Of course, he is a hero for his courageous service to his fellow Americans during the Vietnam War. More than 50 years later, McCain continues to experience physical difficulties because of his captivity.

"There is no other way to put it: This is a painfully disappointing blow to our efforts to enact pro-life health care reform that defunds Planned Parenthood", said Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of Susan B. Anthony List, in an email to supporters.

The bill failed on 51-49 vote as a result from three defections from Republican caucus: Sens.

Whether Trump is just using rhetoric to spur action or actually plans to follow up on his threat is unclear. But abolishing the filibuster wouldn't have allowed Republicans to pass the proposed health care legislation, anyway.

Collins and Murkowski had been adamantly opposed to all of their party's replacement and repeal plans.

Finally McCain came to the front, raised his arm to get the attention of the tally clerk, gestured no, and walked away past the glowering McConnell. But politics is theater, and his wounded appearance, with a surgical scar above his left eye, added extraordinary gravity to what was already a day that cried out for someone to shout "Enough with politics as blood sport!"

McCain has been consistent in his criticism of the Affordable Care Act and he wants to see it replaced with something better. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer had gone as far as silencing collective Democratic cheers on the Senate floor during the 2 a.m. vote when Arizona Republican Sen. It is an American issue, one that affects all of, regardless of party, economic status or medical condition. What a novel concept in Congress these days!

McCain had just saved the signature legislative achievement of the man who beat him for the presidency in 2008, a law the senator himself had vigorously campaigned against while seeking a sixth Senate term past year. Krugman asks. "Because, as they also know, Republicans don't have any good policies to offer, so a bum's rush is the only way they can pass anything".

And there are no signs GOP leaders have chosen a fresh pathway after last week's collapse of their struggle to repeal and rewrite President Barack Obama's statute.

He said he's not ready to give up on repealing ObamaCare, but he suggested that Congress move on to tax reform and then return to healthcare afterward. But in what may prove to be one of the most important votes he has cast in his 35 years in Congress, he chose to operate like the standard-issue politicians he likes to rail against.

Obamacare needs other fixes, but it's not in a "death spiral".

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