How Lady Olenna and Jaime Lannister Really Felt About That Scene

How Lady Olenna and Jaime Lannister Really Felt About That Scene”

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He talks about her marriage to Ramsay Bolton and apologizes that she had to go through that in their home. And Melisandre replied that she would be back once again because she has to die in Westeros and so does he. I relished Cersei's scene with the Bravos debt collector; it allowed Lena Headey to deliver more of the poison-tongued dialogue we've grown to love over previous seasons. Watch the scene down below before proceeding with the article. You see, I'd never seen the poison work before.

Since this season (and the next) is a truncated one with only seven episodes, we're technically reaching midpoint, three episodes down. Also, his actions throughout the series suggested that he indeed supports the restoration of the Targaryen dynasty. He will betray Daenerys in my opinion. With the storyline not pausing for a second, one could expect merely one more slow episode before we hurtle towards the finale. By saying it, she points out the Euron's attack on the Greyjoys in episode 2 and Jaime's attack on Tyrells in episode 3. Olenna makes her bow, making sure that Cersei finds out that she is the real murderer of her son Joffrey. But I doubt it.

After Olenna notes that Jaime took his army "and went where they weren't", he replies, "As Robb Stark did to me at Whispering Wood". She killed Joffrey. Well, she orchestrated the whole debacle and hadn't realized that the poison would do what it did. Check out how fans of the show memorialized Lady Olenna, the Game of Thrones character who was petty right up until her final breath.

Soon after Snow and Stormborn (played by Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke, respectively) greeted each other, the atmosphere turned frosty, with the invading Queen believing accounts of the White Walkers were utter dragon dung.

That is to say, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss didn't miss a beat when the time came to remind the audience what these two characters don't know about the importance of their meeting. "And if what this guy is saying is true, then it really is an issue, and she has her own very serious issues to deal with in the shape of the woman who is now sitting on the throne".

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